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So today was a tough day.  After about a 4 month Battle with a tumor on his leg Bosch crossed the Bridge to be with Sassy.  His pal and his buddy.  He is now healthy and Happy.  I have a broken heart but I know I will see my Marshmallow Boy as I liked to call him again.  Run Free my sweet sweet boy.  You will be missed by everyone in the family, Jasmine and Snickers too.  I know this is short and I haven’t written what my heart wants to say but it is so hard to put into words.  He was our longest living Rottie one month shy of 13.  I say he was 13.  He had arthritis in his back and feet that was manageable if it weren’t for this crap disease he would have lived a lot longer.  I miss you my sweet boy.  We all do.





Snow and update

I know I haven’t posted much on here.  I try to leave the blogs for the people who still have living babies and want to update.  But I do owe it to everyone and mine to do an update once in awhile.    So I know I posted about Bosch having possible cancer.  We still aren’t sure if it is and what kind.  I know the tumor has grown and pretty much doubled in size in 2 months.  At that time the vet had looked at fluid & said it had “angry cells” and an infection so we treated with antibiotics which seemed to help some with the fluid. Well when finished it seemed like it swelled back up so we started again and finished that course.  I couldn’t tell a difference so we took him to the vet.  We decided to culture and do an x-ray.  The xray showed the tumor does involve the bone but he isn’t sure again what kind ( We did not do a biopsy) they can’t remove the tumor where it is and with Bosch’s age I am afraid to put him under anesthesia.    The culture came back staph infection resistant to almost all antibiotics only one that would touch it and they don’t sell it for human use any longer because it causes a type of anemia to humans that could be very dangerous.   So Bosch has been on those now since Sat the 9th.  I think it is helping some.

We have been having trouble getting him to eat.  I was cooking and he ate some of that for a few days then no more then we finally found a food on Thurs of this past week to get him to eat along with rice & hamburger and bone broth.  He stopped eating all of his supplements any thing he could smell or on the food that is.  If it was in pill form then I could get it down him.

So over all we are doing good and hanging in there.   The girls are doing great.  🙂


Here’s our snow day today

Snickers & Jazz( by the fence)


Snickers hopping  & Jazz


Snickers & Jazzz (closet to fence)














Sorry its so many videos

Snow storm 2018 Dec 2

So after rain all day Saturday Dec 1st.  We woke up to about 6-9 inches of snow.   So I let the dogs have a little fun time in it.   I am sorry for the branch I did move one but hurt my arm (made it sore) yes the one I had surgery on 3 months ago and not everything is totally healed on inside since they cut and repaired stuff.  The one branch that was left was too heavy for me to lift and drag by myself.

So here are some fun videos of the kids today




These 1 are of Bosch & Sassy playing in 2008.  it was December but no snow

later dec Bosch & sassy playing.  I didn’t get  alot of video but a lot of pictures


On August 19 the girls celebrated their 5th birthday.  It was very low key as I just had shoulder surgery on the 16th.  We haven’t had a  big party as I still can’t drive for awhile.  But I did want to mention they did have their birthday.





Five years ago I never dreamed I would be taking Sassy to her last vet appointment and not coming home with her.  Yes, I honestly can’t believe it has been that long.  Not a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her and miss her tons.   The time has flown by.  It doesn’t mean I love Snickers any less because I don’t.  This journey is one that you don’t realize you build that bond until its gone.  It is like no other.  I miss her a lot.

Without this journey I wouldn’t have made the friends and family I have.   Without everyone here that was here on our journey I don’t know how I would have made it.

Miss you my sweet sweet girl. I know you are with me every day and still gives me signs.




Also sweet Brendol went to the Bridge on this day as well.  We miss you too Brendol.   You have brought your mom & I close.  I have met your other sisters and brother.  Thank you for allowing that meeting.



I can’t believe today would have been Sassy’s 12th Birthday.  Almost 5 years gone from here.  We got to celebrate her 7th Birthday with her.  They say with time it gets better.  Yes, it does but special days always still seem to sneak up on me and make me miss you even more my sweet girl.    I know you are with us and taking care of all of us.  Watching over us.

I know you would have gotten your steak and cake and ice cream or maybe just the steak and Ice cream.  You always loved having a party.  I sure know the kids would love it to celebrate your birthday.

I know you are celebrating with everyone on the Bridge.  I hope it is a big one as your personality is big as they come.


Miss you sweet baby girl.


Here are some throw back pictures. 

7th Birthday



Love Mom


additional vacation pictures

A fun day of Ice cream in VA




Ms Cow (Euridyce was even with us)


A fun day of shopping at the beach

Back from vacation from May 26-29th  we went to see Sally.  I had a great time even when the sky opened up and poured on our party at Sally’s we still continued inside and then went  back to the rental house and played more Cards against Humanity (which Sally won).  It was great seeing our biggest cheerleader again.   It never seems like enough time that we get to spend with our Family on Tripawds.    We then said see you later on Tuesday and continued onto the Beach until Saturday June 2nd.  We had great weather.  We did some shopping, went on a tour to see Wild Horses in Corolla, NC and spent time at the Beach, in Southern Shores NC.


the house is the place we stayed in Powhatan, Va

Sally’s house


Maggie May & Addy


left to right Paula, Lisa, Elizabeth,  Donna, Karma, Linda, Sam & Teri  (not pictured Sally & Me)


Candle lighted for our Angels




Karma & Lisa







Sam & Elizabeth with Myrtle

Winner of Cards Against Humanity & Playing the game


Sam & I

The group

Sally & her tavlets







On the way home Karma and I got to meet Lisa Foster Gordon who was Zeus’s mom. 

So I told you all we did the Therapy dog Certification.  Well dummy me didn’t send off for her title so now she is a Canine Good Citizen and Novice Therapy Dog.   The next title is AKC Therapy Dog.  So if I would ever quit forgetting to have someone sign for one of our other visits we probably would be 1/2 way there or more.  But i think we maybe at 15.



Pretty proud of our team work.  I know Sassy is watching and leading the way


I know Sally doesn’t do her own blog posts but today is a day I won’t forget.  Today 4 years ago sweet Happy Hannah gained her Angel Wings.    I know I was totally devastated to hear that news.  She had beat the odds by a Year and 2 months.  We all wonder how our dogs will do on 3 legs.  I won’t forget the first time Sally posted and was panicked and worried she did the wrong thing.  We helped her through the recover and Sally has been our biggest cheerleader on the site ever since she joined.  Even going through grief she has helped many many others.

Here is to Sally & Happy Hannah.  She will never be forgotten Sally


Happy Hannah’s Snacks


I found this that Martha from the Oak Town Pack posted on the original post Sally did.  I wanted to re-share this



Things to do after your dog has died

Sweep the floor

Look out the window


Make a cup of tea and some toast

But then not eat them

Change the sheets on the bed

Try to sing

Start to cry

Forget what day it is

Stumble into a corner of the floor and hold your knees tightly


Pull yourself together

Make another cup of tea and this time drink it

Look out a different window

Stare at that spot on the floor where your dog used to stretch out, languid and happy, his paws twitching as he raced across sleep meadows and into dream ravines filled with moss and ferns and the scent of foxes

Look for the Kleenex

Use toilet paper instead

Wander around the house, your heart like a damned anvil in your chest

Heat up leftovers

Push them around the plate before leaving the entire thing in the sink

Look for what is not there

Hear things

Feel the forgotten fur beneath your fingertips

Feel the forgetting begin

Hold a memory, any memory, bright and shining, soft and sad, smelling of wet fur and leaves, with a whisker there and muddy paw prints left on the stairs, of a walk of a hike of a trip to the park with a treat and a bone and a belly rub snacks stolen off the counter and tug of war and the squeaky toy a glance of complicity in play with your hand on head with tail wagging and breath misting in the morning light or the moon over the trees while an owl croons ears are pricked and nose to the ground sniffing, sniffing, sniffing following the invisible trail to its joyful finding

Put on your pajamas

Turn around three times before you curl up by the rope toy and find yourself chasing the echo of a bark into a night that will never end

Grow a tail

Catherine Young 11.27.12



Sally we love you.   It is a great pleasure to honor your girl for you




Michelle & Angel Sassy


PS     Here is the link to Happy Hannah’s story.  If you are new please make sure to take time to check it out.  It is long but it is a very true picture of feelings and recovery

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