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So I told you all we did the Therapy dog Certification.  Well dummy me didn’t send off for her title so now she is a Canine Good Citizen and Novice Therapy Dog.   The next title is AKC Therapy Dog.  So if I would ever quit forgetting to have someone sign for one of our other visits we probably would be 1/2 way there or more.  But i think we maybe at 15.



Pretty proud of our team work.  I know Sassy is watching and leading the way


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I know Sally doesn’t do her own blog posts but today is a day I won’t forget.  Today 4 years ago sweet Happy Hannah gained her Angel Wings.    I know I was totally devastated to hear that news.  She had beat the odds by a Year and 2 months.  We all wonder how our dogs will do on 3 legs.  I won’t forget the first time Sally posted and was panicked and worried she did the wrong thing.  We helped her through the recover and Sally has been our biggest cheerleader on the site ever since she joined.  Even going through grief she has helped many many others.

Here is to Sally & Happy Hannah.  She will never be forgotten Sally


Happy Hannah’s Snacks


I found this that Martha from the Oak Town Pack posted on the original post Sally did.  I wanted to re-share this



Things to do after your dog has died

Sweep the floor

Look out the window


Make a cup of tea and some toast

But then not eat them

Change the sheets on the bed

Try to sing

Start to cry

Forget what day it is

Stumble into a corner of the floor and hold your knees tightly


Pull yourself together

Make another cup of tea and this time drink it

Look out a different window

Stare at that spot on the floor where your dog used to stretch out, languid and happy, his paws twitching as he raced across sleep meadows and into dream ravines filled with moss and ferns and the scent of foxes

Look for the Kleenex

Use toilet paper instead

Wander around the house, your heart like a damned anvil in your chest

Heat up leftovers

Push them around the plate before leaving the entire thing in the sink

Look for what is not there

Hear things

Feel the forgotten fur beneath your fingertips

Feel the forgetting begin

Hold a memory, any memory, bright and shining, soft and sad, smelling of wet fur and leaves, with a whisker there and muddy paw prints left on the stairs, of a walk of a hike of a trip to the park with a treat and a bone and a belly rub snacks stolen off the counter and tug of war and the squeaky toy a glance of complicity in play with your hand on head with tail wagging and breath misting in the morning light or the moon over the trees while an owl croons ears are pricked and nose to the ground sniffing, sniffing, sniffing following the invisible trail to its joyful finding

Put on your pajamas

Turn around three times before you curl up by the rope toy and find yourself chasing the echo of a bark into a night that will never end

Grow a tail

Catherine Young 11.27.12



Sally we love you.   It is a great pleasure to honor your girl for you




Michelle & Angel Sassy


PS     Here is the link to Happy Hannah’s story.  If you are new please make sure to take time to check it out.  It is long but it is a very true picture of feelings and recovery

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So we have actually had a few days of nice weather here in Council Bluffs the past couple of days so the dogs have gotten to spend some time outside.  It’s going to turn icky again this weekend so we did some video today of the two girls playing .  Bosch & Jazz singing just a warning in case your dogs go crazy lol.



Bosch & Jazz

Bosch & Snickers

The fun hole the girls were digging


Bosch & Jazz singing, Gabe hugging Snickers








April 5, 2018



hope you enjoy


Michelle & Angel Sassy

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Results for me

Posted by: | March 16, 2018 | 11 Comments |

Just wanted to give an update.  Biopsy came back nothing to worry about.  Just basically a bump or something that caused calcification (always get stepped on by one of the dogs lol).  The Dr. said it could cause a lump or something that just showed up on Mammo.  So all good.

incase others didn’t see MRI results tear in rotor cuff and will be seeing ortho Dr. to see what can be done but I have plans in May so if anything will be done it would be after that.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts



Michelle & Angel Sassy

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Well I know I haven’t posted much on here.  All Furbabies are doing great.  Me not so much.  I have had some arm issues starting in November and put it off and put it off until I couldn’t take it anymore.  Finally went to the Dr.  still doing testing just had an MRI on Monday.  Any had to jump through some extra hoops to have the MRI done like have an x-ray before it could be approved.
Friday I had a mammogram (March 9).   My Dr’s nurse called said everything was good to follow up in year.  By the time I got back from having x-ray to get MRI approved the hospital was calling to say I needed further testing.  So arranged to have it done before my MRI.  Ended up having another mammogram and an ultrasound.   They found a spot.  Gave me an option as I was laying there to have a biopsy done or just to watch it.  As I was laying there crying all I could do was lay there and think what Dr Sue says “Why wait aspirate?”.  I followed that.     I had a biopsy done yesterday now the waiting starts.  Am I scared not really.  I know I have a good support system with what ever happens.  Not really worried because the Dr. thinks its more of an infection but one can never be sure.

So enough about me here is some smiling dogs at the Dog Park a couple weeks ago.

Bosch Monday night keeping me company on Monday night

3 amigos & gma









Younger of Sassy



PS didn’t post to get sympathy (but thank you for all the well wishes) Just basically wanted to say that statement can apply in our own lives and not just our furbabies.


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After almost 3 weeks of below zero temps.  I felt the need for Spring and a reminder of our 2017 Tripawd Party of the Century in VA.   I made some great friends and talking on the phone and computer just isn’t the same as being in person.  I miss all of you dearly.  Sure wish we were all some place warm and enjoying ourselves like we did in May.     I had such a great time.

So I worked on this.  I sure wish I could have found the perfect song.  Kid Rock seems ok but just not want I was looking for but I went with it anyway.






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Santa Paws 2017

Posted by: | December 18, 2017 | 4 Comments |

So we went to see Santa Paws on Dec 10,2017.   I took all 3.  You never know with an almost 12 year old Rottie if it will be their last Christmas or not (we hope not) Bosch still acts like a puppy but you just never know.

The first one in was Snickers, then Jazz and last but not least Bosch.





Merry Christmas.



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More pictures of Snickers

Posted by: | November 27, 2017 | 7 Comments |

Sally asked me to post all the pictures on here so everyone could see them all.  So I will for her.  🙂


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I waited to post this until we received our Vest and Id.  We finished the last of the 10 IT (in training) visits on October 21, 2017.   I sent the paperwork in on October the 24th and received our vest back November 8 or 9th.  I didn’t post because I wanted to have pictures taken as this was a very important thing to me.  I wanted to Sassy to be a Therapy dog but we never got the chance to do that.  So when I got Snickers that was a goal that I set out for us.  Lots and lots of training and here we are.

My friend from work takes pictures and did an awesome job with these.  Snickers did not want to look at the camera but thanks to a few squirrels and people walking dogs by we got some great pictures.  🙂

So without further ado.  I present Michelle & Snickers certified Therapy dog team

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So we didn’t get to have a true party last week.  They did get a cupcake on their birthday but we had the party today because the kids were here to help celebrate.  So here is Jazz & Snicker’s 4th birthday party



Birthday cake & cupcakes


Cupcake for the dogs (each one got 1)


Bosch (blury but gone in one bite)



Jazz (savoring hers.  Snickers nose photobomb)


Snickers took hers to the pillow


Snickers with her present


Jazz with her present (first one opened)


Snickers again



And yes Bosch got a present too




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