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Archive for May, 2013

Yay, I finally got the portrait picked up.  Now just to find the right place on the wall.  I think I have one but I will have to move another picture around to put it there but that is ok. This is Taylor Burkum with Sassy he is the one who drew the beautiful picture […]

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May 21,2013

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Things are good with Sassy still.  She is enjoying the day with mommy.  Big brother Bosch had to go in for a procedure for a Ultrasound & urine tap.  Well, no stones in the bladder, prostrate gland looks good for him.  But still found blood in the urine and also a cyst on his kidney.  […]

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6th month ampuversary

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Time flies when you are having fun.  Its hard to believe 6 months have passed for my sweet little baby Bear’s amputation.  We have proved a lot in this time.  We hope we have many many more months to go.    A half a year.  Wow. We have met many great people on this site and […]

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Well, today was the big day for 60 days on metronomics.  I feel we had a pretty good report.  It could be a lot worse.  Sassy keeps defying the odds which is good.  First things first blood & urine looked good no UTI or anything.  We will get a more definate complete blood results in […]

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Sassy’s Portrait

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Well, I have been waiting for a little bit to get this completed but I found the most awesome artist, Taylor Burkum at Bark’m hand drawn portraits.  He is a local artist that I found through a friend of mine.  I decided that I wanted to have Sassy’s picture drawn.  I wanted to do it […]

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