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6th month ampuversary

Time flies when you are having fun.  Its hard to believe 6 months have passed for my sweet little baby Bear’s amputation.  We have proved a lot in this time.  We hope we have many many more months to go.    A half a year.  Wow.

We have met many great people on this site and although we wish we didn’t have to be here along with anyone else.  But if it wasn’t for The Tripawd website, Jim, Rene, Jerry & Wyatt I would not have known where to start or even where to go.  We appreciate everything everyone was done for us.  From talking me off of many ledges to having a good laugh in the chat room.  Our love goes out to all the Tripawd moms & dads who are fighting the battle of cancer and to those who don’t.  We are a family.  A family that I treasure dearly.


So Sassy & I wanted to share a few pictures.

 100_1203-1 100_1211 100_1223-1

this is after 6 months still not all of her hair  100_1208-1



7 Responses to “6th month ampuversary”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Michelle, I ALWAYS enjoy Saaay’s pictures immensely and am always amazed at ow vitally healthy she looks!!! She’s a BEAUTIFUL girl:-) 🙂

    W e now know her secret for success……apparently she gets a bowl of Cool Whip every night:-) 🙂 🙂

    Six month ampuversary and that’s with “extra” challenges?? Keep on lapping up that Cool Whip girl…’s working:-) 🙂

    You are a Princess Sassy Sugar Bear and your Mom is such a champ……a very brave warrior herself:-) 🙂

    It is a family here and we are all deeply connected in a way few “outsiders” could ever understand. The journey would be unbearable without each other!

    Much love to you both…..gonna go feed Happy Hannah some Cool Whip

    •   Michelle Says:

      Actually Sally Sassy is getting goats milk in that cool whip container. She loves it. She has either hamburger or like tonight grilled chicken then a bowl of goats milk. She is pretty picky anymore about what she has been eating. I think its the Metronomics but she was always a little picky. Now she just nows mom will do whatever she needs to get her to eat.

  2.   jerry Says:

    Oh Sassy! You are our HERO ya hear me? And the same is true for your Momma. She has stayed so strong throughout this, even when the going has gotten tough. It’s a hard road but you’ve both walked with a grace that people can aspire to. The love goes right back at ya, thank YOU for being a part of this family.

    HOPPY HOPPY AMPUVERSARY Tripawd Warrior Princess Sassy!!!!

  3.   princess Says:

    6 months! Wow. That’s awesome.
    And Sassy certainly looks pretty pleased with herself and that goats milk!

  4.   fourminipups Says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! Six months and going strong. What a great face Sassy has-full of joy!

  5.   anubis Says:

    What a beautiful girl, and so content.

  6.   Christine Says:

    omy… a princess!!! and an absolutely beautiful one!!
    hug her for me Michelle…. she deserves more than one.. giveher two!!

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