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This year was a little different.   Normally we have our vacation over Memorial day but last year we decided to do August of 2020.  Little did we know we would have a pandemic that would be taking place.  So we were so glad to get to do our Vacation.  Had it been in May I don’t think any of us could have gone a lot of places were shut down.  We all took precautions.  Only 3 of us had to fly this year.  We met up at Paula (Nitro’s Moms house) and then car pooled to Door County, Wisconsin.

A beautiful place right on Lake Michigan.  We, Paula, Linda (Max’s grandma), Donna & Glenn (Murphy’s parents), Teri (Isa’s Mom), Karma (Brendol &  Addy’s mom) Lisa (Pofi’s Mom) this year her husband, Ken, joined us for a few days, me and of course the Wonderful Sally (Happy Hannah’s mom, Frankie and Merry Myrtle) came from Virginia to be with us.   We had a few that couldn’t make it due to Covid.  Tina who is Manni’s mom,  Clare, Meg’s Mum and Sam who was Mikey’s mom.   They were there with us in spirit.  We also had Cooper, Shae and Barley our 4 legged friends.  We met the  Tots, Grizzly and Tucker and the side kick of Nitro’s, Kodi who is an amazing 16 years old.  We got to spend time with Paula’s husband, John, at a cook out on Sunday evening.  We met a new friend of Paula’s, Amy, and she spent a couple of days with us.  She was so much fun to be around.  It was just a good time.

We celebrated a birthday for Karma and did some fun things like took a Ferry to Washington Island in Door County, visited some Wineries and Bon fires and cook outs.  Oh of course we played a new game something about Memes.  Usually its cards against humanity but the new game was fun and a blast.


This week fell over the 7 year Angelversary of Sassy.  It was good to spend time with my “family” on such a hard day.  This year was a little more difficult as Sassy was 7 and has been gone 7 years.  Sure missed her and I shed a few tears.  It was good to spend time with those who understood.  I of course missed my furbabies.



Bon Fire


Donna, Cooper, Paula & Amy

School House Beach

Sally, Teri & John


Cave Point




back row.  Glenn, Linda, Sally & Paula

front Row Teri, Donna, Cooper, Barley, Shae & Ken  Not pictured Me & Lisa (taking pictures)




Lisa, Linda & Sally 


Last Sunrise 

Me and my sweet Sassy


Thanks family and friends for making my vacation special.

Today would have been my sweet girl’s 14 birthday.  Hard to believe it’s almost been 7 years since she has been gone.  I still see her sweet face in pictures and miss her terrible.  The pain and anguish of that has faded but you still always miss them.  She was a true fighter and lover.  Never will forget the sweet girl she was.

She has brought me many great friends who I consider family.  One told me you won’t understand the Tripawd journey truly until it ends.  She was so right.  I have learned a lot about myself and my babies.  Been through a lot in this time.

Happy Birthday sweet girl you will never be forgotten.  Love you tons. 

Meet Chief

So last year basically sucked and 2020 wasn’t much better.  As you all know in February we lost Simba.  Hard very hard to lose an 8 month old puppy whose life was bigger than ever and such a bright happy light in my life.   Everyone here took it really hard.  I started looking for a puppy not to replace Simba but to help all of us make it a little less hard.

I contacted a breeder as Deb, who we got Simba from, didn’t have any pups at the time.  The puppies were born March 22, 2020.  Blue puppy (collar) made his way home on May 15, 2020.  At that time he didn’t have a name.  I was looking at a name book and I asked everyone if they liked the name Chief and they did so that became his name after he came home.





I know I haven’t made a post in awhile.  I need to update on Simba.  He is now with Sassy and Bosch.  His life wasn’t long enough but we made sure he knew that he was loved .  I wouldn’t have traded the months we  had with him for anything.  Losing an 8 month old puppy has been on of the harder things I have done in life.  I know Sassy and Bosch are with him and showing him the ropes until we meet him again.   This stupid subaortic stenosis that he had robbed him of his wonderful life that he had to live.

Until we see you again my sweet baby boy.  I love you.

This was hard putting together.  I know it seems like a long video in reality it should be a lot longer.  Picking out pictures from an 8 month puppy’s life was very hard.  I hope you can see how much he was really truly loved.

6 years ago today Snickers and Jazz were born.  It is hard to believe that it has been six years and these sweet babies were born and brought into our lives.  We have accomplished a lot in these six years.  It has gone way way too fast.   Snickers and I are still doing Therapy dog stuff and Jazz enjoys being around the kids and just relaxing at home.


About 3 weeks ago we brought home a new little brother for Snickers and Jazz.  They are adjusting.  It is taking time.  If you can picture  Snickers (123 pounds) hiding from him.  Every time he would go around her she would jump on the couch or run and hide down the hallway.  Jazz at 106 pounds got on the couch.  We have had some boundary setting but over all we are adjusting back to a 3 pack.   He loves the water, loves to play and over all just be a puppy.  His name is Simba Wookie Bear.   Gabe and I named him.  The kids absolutely love him.












Simba 2 weeks ago




Sat Aug 17


I didn’t forget to post on FB but I was so busy that I didn’t get a post made about Sassy’s birthday.  This would have been the 5th Birthday that she spent in Heaven.  It doesn’t seem possible.  I do miss her and feel bad that I didn’t recognize her on here for that day.  I should have.    Happy Birthday in Heaven sweet girl.  Mom misses you a bunch.  Without you I wouldn’t have made some really great family members on here

It has been a rough summer around here.  I spent part of it taking care of my mom.  She fell and broke her hip while at Disney with my brother, niece and nephew.   She spent 3 days in the hospital about about 2 1/2 weeks in a Skilled nursing facility.  Then flew home on July 3 and I took care of her until I started a new job on Aug 5.


Happy Birthday Sassy



I had these shirts made for all my family here.  This is how I felt and wanted them to know it.  There were a few of us that couldn’t make it this year but they also received them 🙂


We just spent an amazing amazing week with my family from here.  I can’t believe we are all back home (some of us had more of an adventure with that than others).   We picked up where we left off the last time.   We got to see Tina from Germany again and bless her sweet soul for traveling all the way (even with a delay overnight she still toughed it out and had a great time).

Healing of our hearts and souls is what I say.    We spent time talking about our furbabies, our journeys and our sadness and healing.    Had lots of laughs and good times seeing Virginia.   I really recommend if you can have a Tripawd party in your area do it.  These ladies are the greatest.


the house we stayed at.


Beach day

One of the many dinners we shared



The Awesome Sally and I


Sally’s beautiful drawing .. with Paula, Linda & I

Happy Hanna (far right)  Frankie (middle) and Merry Myrtle (left)

Beautiful Sunset



Here is the home coming with Snickers & Jazz



Until we meet again my family.






3 weeks without Bosch

I can’t believe its been 3 weeks without Bosch.  He had such a bigger than life personality.  It feels so quiet and if this makes any sense not alive.  The girls are entertaining but we miss a big personality.  I has been hard.  I know he is healthy, happy and with Sassy and our other dogs before them.  It just is plain weird.   Very hard to put into words.

The kids really miss him.  It was hard telling them.  He has been here before they were born.  They were growing up with him here.

I wanted to say thank you to all the special people who gave donations to Tripawds in memory of Bosch.

I received some gifts from some very very special people and wanted to say thank you to them as well.

Bosch is Home






hanging outside my window






Jazz listening under the chimes.



Sassy & Bosch


I know I haven’t expressed myself the best but Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Bosch’s loving video

So today I decided I wanted to do something to honor our boy.   I sat down and was putting together a video.  The windows movie maker crashed when i was adding music to it so had to start all over.  I am happy the way this turned out but its so hard to pick pictures and video of 13 years.

A life that was bigger than ever.   I hope this shows a little of his personality and why he was so special.  I know that he and Sassy are together and with my dogs that I grew up with.  It doesn’t make it any easier and I know this part of this journey is mine to do alone but have support through.  I am trying.   Some days will be better than others and some days will be worse than others.  I was honored to be part of his life for 13 years and I hope he is “Chasing Butterflies”.   We love you forever Bosch.

As hard as this is I know he isn’t in pain anymore.  It sure isn’t the same in the house without him.  In fact even with the girls it is too quiet.  Like a big chunk of the light is gone.  13 years of a wonderful loving boy.



Run Free my boy until we meet again




So today was a tough day.  After about a 4 month Battle with a tumor on his leg Bosch crossed the Bridge to be with Sassy.  His pal and his buddy.  He is now healthy and Happy.  I have a broken heart but I know I will see my Marshmallow Boy as I liked to call him again.  Run Free my sweet sweet boy.  You will be missed by everyone in the family, Jasmine and Snickers too.  I know this is short and I haven’t written what my heart wants to say but it is so hard to put into words.  He was our longest living Rottie one month shy of 13.  I say he was 13.  He had arthritis in his back and feet that was manageable if it weren’t for this crap disease he would have lived a lot longer.  I miss you my sweet boy.  We all do.





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