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6 years ago today Snickers and Jazz were born.  It is hard to believe that it has been six years and these sweet babies were born and brought into our lives.  We have accomplished a lot in these six years.  It has gone way way too fast.   Snickers and I are still doing Therapy dog stuff and Jazz enjoys being around the kids and just relaxing at home.


About 3 weeks ago we brought home a new little brother for Snickers and Jazz.  They are adjusting.  It is taking time.  If you can picture  Snickers (123 pounds) hiding from him.  Every time he would go around her she would jump on the couch or run and hide down the hallway.  Jazz at 106 pounds got on the couch.  We have had some boundary setting but over all we are adjusting back to a 3 pack.   He loves the water, loves to play and over all just be a puppy.  His name is Simba Wookie Bear.   Gabe and I named him.  The kids absolutely love him.












Simba 2 weeks ago




Sat Aug 17


3 Responses to “Happy 6th Birthday Snickers and Jazz (plus new addition)”

  1. dobemom says:

    Happy birthday big girls! And you got a puppy – what a great present! It won’t be long and he will be as big as you are. Maybe you’ll share your cake and ice cream with him?

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. jerry says:

    Awwww! Cuteness overload! Birthday cheers and salutes, and smooches to all, we are so hoppy for the pack! Hard to believe the girls are six already, time goes waaaaay too fast. Simba WB will be that age soon. Whew! OK time live in the now and be more dog, let’s pawty! Congrats to all!

  3. benny55 says:

    Always love updates on these two…or three now!!! Their pictures make me so happy and are such smile makers every single time. So loved❤❤❤
    Cannot believe they are SIX YEARS….OMD!!! They are still puppies in my mind!
    HaHa! No sure they enjoy the birthday “present” Paula mentioned quite yet! They will t hough! Soon couch sharing will be a normal routine!
    Love Simba’s full name!!! PERFECT! The “Bear Legacy” continues on!. I think you should add “Bear” as a middle name for Snicmers and Jazz for their birthday😎
    Lots of love!❤

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