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I know I haven’t posted much on here lately.   It seems like I only post on milestones.   So I feel terrible I didn’t post on what would have been Sassy’s 15th Birthday at the Bridge.  I didn’t even post it on FB.  I was on vacation with my “Tribe” from here.  I celebrated her in my own quiet way that day.  Happy Birthday sweet girl I miss you and love you so much. 


The other thing new is we have a new fur baby that joined us one week before me going on vacation with the girls.   Her name is Sasha Bear.  She is named after my first Rottie, Shadow, Sassy and Snickers.  She is keeping Chief and Jasmine on their toes.



This is the 5th vacation that we have been on together.  Every year it seems like it’s better than the last.  We all love each other’s company.  Hard to believe we met through some of the toughest times for all of us.  When we first met it was like we knew each other forever.   Vacation is being planned for next year in NC at the beach can’t wait to see my Tribe again.  Pictures are Eagle, how clear the lake was that we stayed at, the view from the house

Eagle we saw on our Pontoon cruise





We did a Tatoo in honor of our babies.


The last thing is my ring.  I ordered 2 diamonds made from Sassy’s and Snicker’s ashes and my hair.   The bigger one which in this picture is the bottom diamond is Sassy’s (which is a little darker in color) and the smaller one is Snickers.  I was hoping it would be a tiny bit lighter but it wasn’t.  They both are beautiful and it is a Red Diamond (not Ruby).   I love it.


8 Responses to “Vacation update plus others”

  1. benny55 says:

    Sassy knows yo8 celebrate her everyday and her birth-day is just another exc8se for her to eat steak and cake. Sassy taught me how to give Happtpy Hannah stark in special ocassions…or j8st beca8se💖 I know Sassy enjoyed the quiet time you had with her Spirit. Energy. And that is sich a b pictire of her..
    Not gonna comment on the vacay picture as I have already been fortunate eno8gh to see them previously. Such treasured memories of a great time.
    Just want to add again how beautiful your ring is. Such a unique and creative way to ALWAYS have your Snickers and your Sassy together with you. It wasn’t til someone pointed out the infinity setting that I realized that. So elegant…so perfect.
    And I am soooo thrilled you have a baby Rottie to bring youmjoy and laugh and pupoy breath!!! Sasha is adorable…..and how she got her name just warms my heart.
    You do have to “post often”…..your presence is always felt here, as his sweet Sassy who brought us all together.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the Bridge Sassy!! I know the steaks and ice cream were delicious!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Paula says:

    It seems we both had “milestones” while we were on vacation – I also felt a little guilty about missing Nitro’s 4th year in heaven; but we were where we were meant to be – with EACH OTHER. You know Sassy and Nitro would have wanted it that way. So happy you have a little bundle of fur-joy in your life, and your ring is beautiful! In 10 short months we’ll be together again, on a new adventure with out Tripawd Tribe…until then, know that you are loved!

  3. Purrkins says:

    Happy 15 th Birthday in heaven, Sassy! I know she had a grand celebration with all the warriors at the bridge!

    Glad you all were able to get together & had a lovely time.

    Aha, I knew I did not recognize Sasha Bear! Congrats Michelle! Sasha & your crew are so lucky to have you.

    Love Love Love the memorial diamonds beautiful!

    Big hugs & smooches to the crew, please!
    Holly & Purrkins💝💝💝

  4. jerry says:

    Hoppy Birthday Angel Sassy! You must be so proud of your mama for living life to the fullest, just like you did! We know she didn’t forget your big day, she was just celebrating the way you wanted her to.

    Wow there’s so much news here Michelle! LOVE Sasha Bear! Oh my gosh I had no idea, see what happens when I stay away from the Facebooger?! Congratulations! She’s a lucky dawg!!!

    And the body bling…WHEEE! It’s so pretty, I may have to steal that idea and incorporate it into my jewelry. Mind if I do that? Who came up with the design? It’s gorgeous.

    Oh and the RING!!! WOW! It’s stunning, and looks so pretty on your hand. What a sweet reminder of your eternal love for Sassy and Snickers!

    The vacation looks like it was so much fun. You ladies know how to PARTAY! It never ceases to amaze me that the bond you have created is so strong. The world needs friendships like yours now more than ever. Thank you to all of you for making the world brighter with your Tripawd Tribe! xoxo

    • Michelle says:

      Paula and Teri did a lot of the designing. I can’t say yes or no to you stealing it but you can ask Paula 🙂
      I love the ring too 🙂

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