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This year was a little different.   Normally we have our vacation over Memorial day but last year we decided to do August of 2020.  Little did we know we would have a pandemic that would be taking place.  So we were so glad to get to do our Vacation.  Had it been in May I don’t think any of us could have gone a lot of places were shut down.  We all took precautions.  Only 3 of us had to fly this year.  We met up at Paula (Nitro’s Moms house) and then car pooled to Door County, Wisconsin.

A beautiful place right on Lake Michigan.  We, Paula, Linda (Max’s grandma), Donna & Glenn (Murphy’s parents), Teri (Isa’s Mom), Karma (Brendol &  Addy’s mom) Lisa (Pofi’s Mom) this year her husband, Ken, joined us for a few days, me and of course the Wonderful Sally (Happy Hannah’s mom, Frankie and Merry Myrtle) came from Virginia to be with us.   We had a few that couldn’t make it due to Covid.  Tina who is Manni’s mom,  Clare, Meg’s Mum and Sam who was Mikey’s mom.   They were there with us in spirit.  We also had Cooper, Shae and Barley our 4 legged friends.  We met the  Tots, Grizzly and Tucker and the side kick of Nitro’s, Kodi who is an amazing 16 years old.  We got to spend time with Paula’s husband, John, at a cook out on Sunday evening.  We met a new friend of Paula’s, Amy, and she spent a couple of days with us.  She was so much fun to be around.  It was just a good time.

We celebrated a birthday for Karma and did some fun things like took a Ferry to Washington Island in Door County, visited some Wineries and Bon fires and cook outs.  Oh of course we played a new game something about Memes.  Usually its cards against humanity but the new game was fun and a blast.


This week fell over the 7 year Angelversary of Sassy.  It was good to spend time with my “family” on such a hard day.  This year was a little more difficult as Sassy was 7 and has been gone 7 years.  Sure missed her and I shed a few tears.  It was good to spend time with those who understood.  I of course missed my furbabies.



Bon Fire


Donna, Cooper, Paula & Amy

School House Beach

Sally, Teri & John


Cave Point




back row.  Glenn, Linda, Sally & Paula

front Row Teri, Donna, Cooper, Barley, Shae & Ken  Not pictured Me & Lisa (taking pictures)




Lisa, Linda & Sally 


Last Sunrise 

Me and my sweet Sassy


Thanks family and friends for making my vacation special.

6 Responses to “Vacation with Tripawd family/ Seven Years at the Bridge”

  1. dobemom says:

    It was a GREAT vacation! So blessed to share it with my Tripawd family! Glad we could be there with you on Sassy’s Angelversary. The week went by way too fast, but what a great time, especially having Sally there was the most special. Thank you all for making the trip to my backyard, I enjoyed showing you our little piece of heaven.

    Much love,
    Paula, Warrior Angel Nitro, and the Terror Trio

    • Michelle says:

      I loved meeting them all and seeing a little piece of Heaven. It was glorious. I would go back in a heart beat

  2. benny55 says:

    So glad we could all be together! We always say this journey our dogs have taken us on is so much more than a connection about “amputation”. The friendships developed, whether by cyber “meeting”, or eventually meeting “in person”, cannot be found anywhere else. We are all brought together with shared love for our dogs and cats, our hope, our celebrations, our grief, our common thread of understanding this tripawd journey like no “outsiders” ever could.
    Michelle outlined very well the fun we had and the beautiful scenes we took in. For me, never having been to The Great Lakes (Lake Michigan), I was astounded at the massive size. MASSIVE! It had waves and beauty like the ocean. The towns we drove thru were quaint and lovely
    These are beautiful pictures Michelle. The one of the waves crashing against the rocks, perfect! The water the sun reflecting on it .beautiful! As far as the box I’m holding jn one of the photos, it’s a yummy breakfast treat Jim and Rene sent to us! And it was a hit! And for someone who rarely takes a “drink” it was only fitting I was chosen to hold up a bottle of Jack Beam to convey the pawty atmosphere😉
    We felt Sassy’s presence we get the presence of all our Spirit Angels….they were definitely with us
    Thanks Michelle. Really nice job of some of the highlights of our delightful gathering….and there were so many😎
    Mucho lovo
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Michelle says:

      We were so glad that you could come even if you felt like the Universe was telling you no at the last minute. We had a blast and so much fun with you there. You are a very special lady Sally. Love you lots

  3. benny55 says:

    Let me tell you unequivocally, being there with each of you, in such a glorious place and with sooooo much generosity shown me….Was truly one of THE most SPECIAL experiences I have had!!! Send time with the most giving little group of Souls ever created and lots of special dogs… time evvvvver!!♥️♥️♥️

  4. jerry says:

    BEAUTIFUL! What a perfect way to celebrate the lives of some incredible furbabies and their people too. The scenery was spectacular and the smiles lit up the lake and the sky above. What a blast! And oh so special to be together on such important milestones. You all have the friendships that magical moments are made of. How wonderful to know that something like cancer and amputation could end up with unbreakable bonds of a lifetime.

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