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Another year and another wonderful vacation with everyone.  This year Linda (Max’s grandma), Paula (Nitro’s mom) and one of Paula’s friends, Amy great gal, and me drove to the Outer Banks to meet up with everyone.  Eight hours from home to Green Bay then 20 hours to the Frisco, NC, in the Outter Banks.  It was a great trip down.

We all enjoyed a relaxing week of bumming around the house, Swimming, the Ocean and a little shopping and of course eating.  This year, Murphy’s mom Kathi joined us.  It was great to get to meet her.  We all picked up like we had never left each other.  This is one of the great things that has come of a journey that none of use really wanted to be on.    We can’t wait to get together again next year.  Not sure where that vacation will be yet but I know it will be another great one.  Just seems like every year it gets better and better. It goes way too fast though.  We all miss our fur babies but enjoy our time together.

cards against humanity night

top row Eliza Beth , next row Paula, Sally (the Sally) Karma and Kathi, next row:  Amy, Linda and Donna, front row Terri and me


Terri, Linda, Sally and me


Cards Against Humanity


The back of the house


Ocean and Sun early AM



The name of the house was Beagle 9FF

Navy Port at VA


Paula and I



Mountains of WV


3 Responses to “2022 Vacation with our Tripawd Family”

  1. benny55 says:

    Thank you for posting this Michelle💖 And I loooove that you shared these treasured memories on Sassy’s blog, as she, along with all our other beloved dogs brought us together. 💖
    Along with posting some great photos, you articulated everything so well. Yes we always pickup where we left off as though no time had passed inbetween.
    Idaho,Iowa,Wisconsin Michigan, New Mexico,Virginia, driving and by air we cae from near and far…..and soooo worth it!!
    Love to all💖

  2. dobemom says:

    It was such a fun week! Thanks for sharing our story here….we are so blessed to have found each other, that our beautiful friendship came out of so much heartache and sadness. I know all of our angels look down and celebrate that their mom’s have found each other. Who could have guessed that our very first meeting at the Epic Tripawd Party 6 years ago would have led us to this…..can’t wait to see where our next adventure will take us. Love you, friend!

    Paula and Warrior Angels Nitro and Kodi

  3. jerry says:

    Wow! I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel over how you gals have created such an incredible friendship with one another. Those beautiful happy smiles prove that good things can happen from the worst of times we never want to experience. What an awesome bunch of women! Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like so much fun!

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