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Archive for November, 2013

Yesterday was Sassy’s 1 year ampuversary so I made the day about her.  But I had some requests to post pictures of Bosch, Snickers & Jasmine so here you all go 🙂 Snickers running Bosch   Bosch & Jasmine     Bosch one of my favorites I took today   Jasmine & Snickers digging   […]

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Today would have been our 1 year ampuversary.  I know she isn’t here with us today on earth but she is still here so I will celebrate this day.  I had planned to take it off even before she passed so I still did.  In her honor I am doing a few things I knew […]

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Sally asked for pictures of Sassy

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Well, the only Halloween ones of Sassy were the ones in her Lion costume.  Amazing when I went to look through all of her clothes that she had I found costumes that I never put on them  🙁   Oh well, so I will share her in the lion costume again and a few others from […]

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Just not quite the same without the Sugar Bear here. Just another first of many.    It was fun though with the kids, puppies & Bosch so I thought I would share a few pictures. Snickers is Minnie Mouse & Jasmine is Snow White just like my niece Grace.  Gabe was Batman. Bosch was an […]

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