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Ok I had some request for some Puppy pictures so here ya go :)

Yesterday was Sassy’s 1 year ampuversary so I made the day about her.  But I had some requests to post pictures of Bosch, Snickers & Jasmine so here you all go 🙂

Snickers running





Bosch & JasmineDSC_0985



Bosch one of my favorites I took todayDSC_0946 DSC_0945


Jasmine & Snickers digging DSC_0944


Snickers trying to get the camera & Jasmine watchingDSC_0934






Bosch & Jasmine



snickers sleep by bed 11-14-13

Snickers, Who does she look like sleeping like this ??snickers upside down 2

and of course one of Sassy Sugar Bear when she was a puppy  sassy 11-1-06

4 Responses to “Ok I had some request for some Puppy pictures so here ya go :)”

  1.   rica55 Says:

    ooooh how cute and what fun! love all these pics!!! we wish we had a playground like that to play on! I wonder if Jill would like a slide!?

  2.   fourminipups Says:

    They are getting so big and Bosch is a stud muffin!

    I missed Sassy’s ampuversary yesterday. I just got my calendars and was showing my husband Sassy’s picture and telling him all about her.

    Thanks for the pics!

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  3.   benny55 Says:

    THANK YOU! These are grrrrreat!!

    I love each of them soooooo much!

    Yeah, the slide is a must for every Rottweiler! I think Bosch may even like t more than tne puppies! He is such a good brother…or Uncle.

    Michelle, I made myself pick a favorite…..and……it jas to be the two puppy butts digging! That is sooooo cute!

    AND… has to be Sassy ad Snickers laying on ther little puppy backs

    AND…it jas to be the head shot of Bosch! He is so jandso e and he loos so content!

    I can actually start to tell the difference between Jasmine and Snickers now. Do they both weight the same? Jasmine looks a bit bigger..maybe?

    Oh gosh, and the cute photo of Snickers lookng up at the camera…have a littlebit of the Sassy look going on.

    And Jasmine watching Snickers try and eat the camera! how cute is that!!

    These two have to bring so much fun and laughter into yor life. Good thing Sassy decided you needed two pups with two adorable puppy butts to help bringyou joy again. I think it’s helping!

    Thanks for sharing these Michelle. They are delightful! Sassy’s very pleased withher selections!

    Love to all!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    •   Michelle Says:

      Actually Snickers has a darker face. Jazz was 3 pounds lighter at the last visit but she was the runt of the litter. She is catching Snickers and maybe has passed her in weight but we will find that out on the 23rd at their next shot appointment. Yes, that is Sassy & Snickers both on their backs. Bosch & Sassy always loved the slide now the girls will figure out how to get up there lol.

      Thanks Sally
      Michelle & Angel Sassy

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