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100_1045 bellevue animal hospToday would have been our 1 year ampuversary.  I know she isn’t here with us today on earth but she is still here so I will celebrate this day.  I had planned to take it off even before she passed so I still did.  In her honor I am doing a few things I knew she would love to do.  I probably will take Bosch & Snickers for a ride around the lake, maybe do some ice cream from DQ.

Last year at this time I was waiting nervously wondering how she would do and praying that nothing serious would happen during the surgery.  She made it out great proved everyone wrong from her amputation forward.  We beat many many odd just not the stupid met one but I DO NOT regret anything that we did.  Happy Ampuversary Baby.   So to honor my Baby Sugar Bear I am going to post a bunch of pictures that I scanned in last night plus some others.

Happy Ampuversary in Heaven Sassy Sugar Bear love you lots & miss you a lot too.  (I will share Snickers, Jasmine & Bosch pictures tomorrow today is Sassy)


Scan0003 Scan0004 Scan0005 Scan0006 Scan0007 Scan0008


Sassy & Dr Boyer

Sassy & Dr Boyer

sassy giving me kisses

sassy giving me kisses

Happy 7th Birthday Sassy

Happy 7th Birthday SassyDSC_0211

DSC_0213100_1203-1 DSC_0116 sassy all done DSC_0055 DSC_0052 DSC_0042 DSC_0039

DSC_0422 100_0944 100_0846 DSC_0663 100_0962 100_1206-1 100_1189-1

8 Responses to “Happy 1 Year Ampuversary Sassy Sugar Bear”

  1. benny55 says:


    And many are “first timers” too! You know I keep track of these things! Can’t remember my own name half the time, but I can remember if a photo of Sassy is a “repeat” or not!
    These are priceless! She and Bosch are such a hadnsome team! Two incredibly beautiful souls…inside and out!

    And in every s gle o e of the two of you together, the LOVE and the pure HAPPINESS of just being with each other just JUMPS off the screen! REALLY, it does!
    That Sassy Girl invented dogs grinning ear to ear!!

    I love where she’s lookingup at you with such love in the ne where yo are sta dng by her portrait.

    And, of course, THE portrait! It STILL takes my breath away EVERY time!!
    He essence is so alive… her!!

    I dn’t remember seeng the ne with her relection before either…..that’s another one that makes you gasp at the beauty.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these today on this special day! We all love Sassy and we are so glad you are co ti uing to bring her here to celebrate all these special days! And we are so glad she is still bri ging you here to us too! We need you both!

    Gonna go back up and look at these photos again! And the o es with the kids….OMD, talk about a gentle “Sugarbear”!

    Surrounding you with Sassy’s Light forever!

    Saly and Hapy Hannah

    • Michelle says:

      Sally those professional ones are all new ones. You are 100% right when you say you haven’t seen them before. Thank you for everything Sally. I keep looking for Sassy’s Shining Light in the sky too. I know I am probably looking right at it. 🙂

      Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Thanks for this post Michelle

    You have been a great support to me personally since Tuck became a tripawd this September and you did that willingly and openly even after the loss of your beautiful Sassy.

    After seeing these photos I feel like I know her now too – even if just a little – and am thankful that I can celebrate this occasion too.

  3. rica55 says:

    wonderful pics! Sassy’s spirit will always live on here and I am sure she had a big party with her new friends today. Miss you girl….

  4. Karma says:

    Happy Ampuversary sweet sweet Sassy. We can see what a sweet and happy and loving soul she had in those pictures. She loved her momma. And we know her momma loved her. You’re doing good Michelle.

  5. Christine says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!! What beautiful and cherisable memories we have in our pictures!!! And you can see the bond that you all have in those pictures… you can see that thoses fur kidlets of yours were well loved and you were loved back!!
    My gawd girl.. I am struggling for room on the bed with just Wilson.. how the heck did you sleep with the two of those big loveable lugs on the bed with you? lol
    Bosch is such a handsome dude!!! And Sassy.. well.. she was a beautiful girl… who will always be in your heart…♥
    Christine.,…. with Franklin in her heart♥

  6. Kassi says:

    I love this Michelle! What a wonderful post and honorable tribute to your amazing, lovable and beautiful Sassy! Pictures really do speak and I can see through these photos at what a special dog she was and what a special bond you two shared. And she is so lovable and hugable!
    I did not realize this, but my Nesta and your Sassy were amputated in the same week last year. It will be Nesta’s 1 year ampuversary on the 20th. I will be doing a post soon too. I hope Sassy and Nesta are tripawd buddies now in Heaven.
    Also, since I know that you have a special love for rottweilers, you will be happy to know we have a 10 week old rottweiler mix, her mom was pure rottie and her dad, some kind of random mix of who knows what. Our pup’s name is Woody; sending pics soon.

    • Michelle says:

      That is so awesome Kassi. I know puppies do not replace Nesta & Sassy they never can be replaced but it does help to heal the heart some. Mine was more with taking care of someone. I was totally lost and still am without Sassy. But I do laugh more I still have my moments of tears but they aren’t as frequent as they were. I will always miss her just as you miss Sir Nesta.

      Michelle & Angel Sassy

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