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Well, today was the big day for 60 days on metronomics.  I feel we had a pretty good report.  It could be a lot worse.  Sassy keeps defying the odds which is good.  First things first blood & urine looked good no UTI or anything.  We will get a more definate complete blood results in a few days.  The other thing is that the smaller mets continued to stay steady at the same size.  That big SOB (sorry about the veribage) continues to grow.  Over all I consider it a good report.  Her lung fields still sound clear.  She continued with her weight being good and even gained a couple of pounds.

I don’t know if its possible for a lung met to be on top of a lung or where it doesn’t affect breathing or grow flat.  But something is allowing my Sweet Sugar Bear to continue to be with us and I am so glad.  I will continue to love and spoil her.  And we are going to continue to keep fighting.







7 Responses to “Two month Metronomics follow up”

  1. fourminipups says:

    Sassy you are still looking beautiful. Keep on giving that big “C” a kick in the butt and use whatever words work best!!! Glad the blood work looks good and those awesome reports keep coming.

  2. rica55 says:

    YEAH SASSY! You are doing so well and are defying those odds! You are an inspiration!!!


  3. benny55 says:

    Michelle, seriously, considering the circumstances that is a good report! The fact that only one SOB (and I’m not apologizing form the verbage:-) ) is growing does mean that something is “working” to keep things at bay.

    AND LOCATION DOES MATTER. My human companion had “it” in a “bad” place in his lung. He was told that if it had been in other places the prognosis would be better.

    So you do, indeed, have reasons to be optimistic!

    The fact that she even gained weight is a plus too! Of course, the old “catch 22″….being a tripawd she needs to of gain weight:-) 🙂 Cow down Sassy Sugar Bear…’s working:-) 🙂 🙂

    Michelle, her photos show a vibrant, beautiful, fit, content girl:-) 🙂

    And that portrait of her……it absolutely takes our breath away it is so stunningly beautiful

    I know you are so proud of Ms. Sassy and believe me, she’s proud of you:-) 🙂

    Lots of love and all paws crossed, Sally and Happy Hannan

  4. jerry says:

    Michelle you are so cute, only you would apologize for saying “SOB” instead of actually saying the 3 words! I agree though, mets are real SOBs.

    I’m glad that the news is mostly good. This is a big relief.

    Sassy’s guardian angel is definitely allowing her to go on fulfilling her purpose on this planet, that’s the explanation I love best. The mets are mostly behaving themselves, let’s hope the guardian angel can send that lone rebel to the moon where it belongs.



    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Rene. I know its a guardian angel and she is doing great. Other than being a little picky about food 🙂 but what else is new.

  5. princess says:

    This is great news Michelle even if the big SOB (love it, says it all) has gotten a bit bigger. I hope you continue to get many more months with your beautiful Sassy.

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