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Better late than never Happy 5th Birthday.

On August 19 the girls celebrated their 5th birthday.  It was very low key as I just had shoulder surgery on the 16th.  We haven’t had a  big party as I still can’t drive for awhile.  But I did want to mention they did have their birthday.





5 Responses to “Better late than never Happy 5th Birthday.”

  1.   Super Stu! Says:

    Happy Birthday Jazz and Snickers!!! You don’t have to have a Pawty to know that it’s your birthday!!!! What a very special day all around!!! You can celebrate whenever you want and as many times as you want! I figure every day should be a Birthday 🍰!!
    Michelle, take it easy on yourself please, your shoulder needs to be top priority too, or your girls won’t be going very far if you can’t manage them, right!!!
    The girls look very pleased with themselves! They’re gorgeous!!!
    Hugs all around
    Snoggin’ Stu, Spitfire Spikey, ChesterField, Miss Priss Lily and always Talking Ted
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2.   linda8115 Says:

    Happy Birthday Snickers and Jazz! And a special “get better soon” to their special Mom too!

  3.   dobemom Says:

    Happy belated birthday sweet girls! But we all know that dogs live in the moment, so this moment IS your birthday. Your best present ever is getting the best mom! Enjoy the celebration

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  4.   Purrkins Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jazz & Snickers!
    Take it easy Michelle please rest and heal soon.

  5.   jerry Says:

    Aww sweet girls, happy birthday! Thanks for all you do to make us smile here, and extra scritches to you for being such a great nurse to your momma. Get well soon Michelle!

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