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Snow storm 2018 Dec 2

So after rain all day Saturday Dec 1st.  We woke up to about 6-9 inches of snow.   So I let the dogs have a little fun time in it.   I am sorry for the branch I did move one but hurt my arm (made it sore) yes the one I had surgery on 3 months ago and not everything is totally healed on inside since they cut and repaired stuff.  The one branch that was left was too heavy for me to lift and drag by myself.

So here are some fun videos of the kids today




These 1 are of Bosch & Sassy playing in 2008.  it was December but no snow

later dec Bosch & sassy playing.  I didn’t get  alot of video but a lot of pictures


7 Responses to “Snow storm 2018 Dec 2”

  1. tinsch says:

    Ugh! Snow! we’ve not seen any here yet and while your kids look like they’re having a blast I can totally do without! Although: I don’t think Thilo has ever seen snow in his life so that may turn into fun yet.
    Hope your arm is better!

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Tina. I know we have had 4 snows already this year. I am thinking that this is going to be one of those winters where we get a lot. I sure hope that Thilo loves the snow when and if you get any. My arm is getting better. Hope by May it is closer to 100%. Can’t wait


  2. benny55 says:

    Okay Missy! Absolutely no lifting branches!!!! No lifting amything!!! ANYTHING!!!!

    Now, onto these great pictures/videos, past and present!!! Love them!!! It brings us all so much joy to see your pups having so much fun😁😁 And no dogs have been better dressed or looked so fashionable than your dogs! I get cold jist watching them romp in the snow though. Brrrr……

    I love that you have these treasured videos and that you continue to make more happy memories with Jazz and Snickers❤❤

    I ALWAYS so enjoy seeing the girls and Mr Bosch. And, of course, Angel Sassy, who brought you here as a friend to us all. Such a good friend❤

    Nope, not liking the thought of snow! Ugh!! Not at all! Better than ice though!!

    And again, YOU BE CAREFUL!!!!

    ,Lot’s and lots of love!!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. jerry says:

    BRRRR! Oh my dog Michelle that looks soooooo cold! I hope your arm is feeling better. Don’t do that again OK?

    The dogs are having a ball. How FUN to see Sassy and Bosch’s romp in the snow session, thank you for sharing those great memories with us.

  4. Super Stu! says:

    Stewie and i are sorry to be late to the snow pawty, but I’m sure glad we made it! We Ruv the videos and the pictures! Thank you for sharing all of these great memories, it’s great to see the pups playing in the snow! And my gongases, the snow suits are brilliant!!
    Please take care of that arm, 3 months is not a long time for recovery my friend!
    Sending lots of love and hugs to your fur kids…
    Petra, Stewie and his four adoring Kittens

  5. paws120 says:

    Those are wonderful shots of the pups, omd looks like a lot of fun! I am also “allergic” to the cold, lol…. I bet you froze your butt off. I am glad you didn’t do any major hurt to your arm… please be careful. I know easier said than done when you see something that needs to be done, lol.
    Bo has seen snow (just a dusting) three times now and he totally freaks out with joy when he gets to run in it…
    I thought I got this post in a few days ago but I guess it didn’t take.
    Hugs to you and belly rubs to your gorgeous pack!
    Jackie and Huck 💖

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