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Bosch’s loving video

So today I decided I wanted to do something to honor our boy.   I sat down and was putting together a video.  The windows movie maker crashed when i was adding music to it so had to start all over.  I am happy the way this turned out but its so hard to pick pictures and video of 13 years.

A life that was bigger than ever.   I hope this shows a little of his personality and why he was so special.  I know that he and Sassy are together and with my dogs that I grew up with.  It doesn’t make it any easier and I know this part of this journey is mine to do alone but have support through.  I am trying.   Some days will be better than others and some days will be worse than others.  I was honored to be part of his life for 13 years and I hope he is “Chasing Butterflies”.   We love you forever Bosch.

As hard as this is I know he isn’t in pain anymore.  It sure isn’t the same in the house without him.  In fact even with the girls it is too quiet.  Like a big chunk of the light is gone.  13 years of a wonderful loving boy.



Run Free my boy until we meet again




3 Responses to “Bosch’s loving video”

  1. benny55 says:

    Okay, already crying and not even watching the video yet! I KNOW you will have captured the essence of this beautiful Soul in a brilliantly magical way💖

    Nope, can’t watch it yet…..can barely read your written words…..but I’ll be back my friend.

    And yes, it is a journey we travel “alone”, but it’s also a journey where you are surrounded by love from the people who truly understand the depth of the bond you and Bosch shared.❤

  2. paws120 says:

    Totally in tears, totally. Just a beautiful tribute. Once i started it i had to finish watching it. You’re a wonderful mama, and your love and devotion just radiates through the whole tribute.
    Sending you peace and love, and belly scratches to the puppers.

    Jackie and Huck ❤️

  3. Purrkins says:

    We are sorry to read this Michelle, 13 well loved, brilliant years! 13 years is still not enough time with our furry ones. They are borrowed angels we are gifted with for such a short time. Bosch’s work was sadly done here on earth, and you gave him the ultimate gift to fly home peacefully.

    Run & fly Free Bosch check in with Mom when you have time. I have no doubt Bosch had a massive welcoming party at the bridge. Sassy made sure to greet you and introduce you to everyone. A pawty on one side as the others mourn on this side!

    A BEAUTIFUL tribute !!! I love the song choice and have zero doubt Bocsh is chasing butterflies with Sassy, and you will all meet up again one day. I know we all talk about signs, but I have a feeling yours will be butterflies.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this heart-wrenching time.
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & Saxton

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