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We passed

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

We passed our test today.  One step onto becoming a certified therapy dog team.  She did awesome.  Me (I was nervous as heck).  Cried after we finished.  I just couldn’t believe it.  After almost a year of classes to be 110% we did it.   I just wish Sassy would have been able to do this she would have been go great at it.  But I guess she can continue on with us this way.

So for now until we get our completed visits done here is our picture. 

Happy 11 Birthday Bosch.

Friday, May 5th, 2017

I can’t believe 11 years ago Bosch was born.  He is such a big part of our pack.  I just wanted to share that he had a good day today (although I was in the office).  He got a steak and got to be outside for awhile tonight.  We will have a party this weekend since my brother has my niece and nephew for the weekend.





Bosch & Snickers


Bosch, Jasmine & Snickers


This is one of my favorites of Bosch I just took the other day

The Big steak was Bosch’s and he ate it so fast


A little of this & a little of that

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Well, I know the last post I made was about Happy Hannah.  So a little catch up time on us.  I know our Guardian Angel has been working over time up there on the Bridge.

I don’t remember if I wrote about Snickers and her cyst on her back (I think I did) we had that removed.  Then about a couple of months ago I found another one.  I took her in and had it checked out.  Only a cyst (Thank God).  But going through this journey you just never know.  I took her to our holistic vet Dr Jen ( I did a write up about her and a talk she did on foods and cancer pets when Sassy was alive).  Anyway we discussed different things and came up with the fact that she thought that Snickers was producing too much oil and causing her body to produce these cysts. Our plan to start out was give more baths (with a special soap where she tends to have these cysts), change foods (as she thought the Lamb & Lentil was too fatty for Snickers) and if needed add a herb.

Well we have done the first two.  Although I suppose I do need to give her another bath hahaha how do you keep them clean all the time.  We changed foods to Lotus Turkey.  (Expensive if need be will change the other two but right now just Snickers).  It is a baked food and Turkey is leaner.  Good news that is seeming to work so we haven’t had to add the herb supplement.

So other news with Snickers we are nearing our completing of our Therapy dog training getting ready to test then it will be onto the 10 one hour visits with a certified team 🙂  This is something I always wanted to do with Sassy but never got to.


Jasmine has been good no major problems knock on wood.  She continues about every 6 months with a chiro appointment & follow up with Dr. Jen after her leg.  No problems remain and she is running and playing like a normal dog.  Amazing after fighting for almost a year of her limping.


Bosch… He had his Senior Well visit check up 2 weeks ago.  Everything came back great 100% healthy.  Not one item out of normal.   Then wham on Friday of last week I found a lump.   So I call and couldn’t get him in until yesterday.  I prepare myself for the worse especially after this journey.  Well good news is its just a fatty lump.  Where it is under the armpit she said because its muscular in that area it appears bigger and harder than it was.  We did do an aspirate (needle biopsy).   Following Dr Sue the cancer vet saying “Why wait aspirate”.

By the way I don’t know if EverPup has anything to do with anything but these 3 have been getting it since I brought the two girls home.  It has some aptogens in it and is from Dr Dressinger & Dr Sue.  I gave Sassy the Apocaps when we were on our journey and I swear they helped her.

The best thing of all in 4 weeks I will be in Virginia for the Tripawds.  I can’t wait to meet everyone.  It will be a huge blast.  🙂





Snickers & I at Bass Pro Dog Days




And my Girl Sassy 🙂

Honoring Happy Hannah 3 Years as an Angel

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

Three years ago today a very special lady on this site, one of our biggest cheerleaders lost her heart & soul.  Those of us who know Sally knows she would give the shirt off her back to anyone one of us to cheer us up and make us feel good.  I know this isn’t a great memory to share but I think I needed to make sure to remember Hannah (not that I ever forgot her) on this day.  Sally doesn’t do blogs but you can read a lot of Happy Hannah’s journey here



We are thinking of you today Sally.  Hugs and lots of love we can’t wait to meet you in person.  It’s getting closer.  I know Sassy & Hannah have already met up it’s time for us.


Three 1/2 years at the Bridge

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Today this video came across my facebook page.   For those of you who didn’t get to know my girl she was the most sweet and loving girl.  Those of you who are on the “grief journey” today is one of my days to totally break down and lose it.  I miss her.  I don’t have those days where I cry like this very often but I guess today is an emotional one for me.  I just wanted to share the video I made for her on her 6 months as an Angel.

I know it says Ampuversary (I labeled it when I was uploading it to utube)





Our one and only snow fall so far this year

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

We haven’t had much snowfall but the one we did have I did get to put the dog’s coats on them and take them out and let them play.  Sure do miss watching Sassy & Bosch play when they were young.   Snickers and Jazz have a blast.  Bosch is older and just watches now and sometimes will run a little but not much.


Jazz on top & Snickers




Jazz stalking Snickers (hiding behind tree)





Here are your snow pictures Sally

Plans are coming together

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Plans are coming together to get to go meet all of our Tripawd friends on the East coast.  I really can’t wait.  This is something I have wanted to do after you crossed the Bridge Sassy.   The past 2 years it wasn’t in the cards.  This year it is.  Yay.  I know you will be with me as I travel in May and get to meet our friends.




Santa Paws

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

We got to see Santa Paws this year at Petsmart.   One of our vets Dr Campbell retired so our vets office didn’t have Santa Paws this year.  They had Dr Campbell’s retirement party.  We wish her the best in her retirement after 36 or 37 year of working there.


So I took the babies by myself one dog at at time to Petsmart.  Two on Saturday and then Snickers after her therapy dog class.   (Don’t have a big enough car to take them all at one time) plus no way could I take all 3 in there at the same time by myself.









That is one thing I always wanted to do with Sassy but here is a Christmas picture of her



Merry Christmas Everyone.  I hope it is a safe & Joyous holiday



Michelle, Angel Sassy, Bosch, Snickers & Princess Jasmine

November 26, 2016 My Friend Shanna

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

My dearest friend Shanna,

Today we lost you to this damn disease.  Our Tripawds brought us together and made us friends.  I know Trouble was there to greet you but I sure hope Sassy was there  to welcome you..  My heart is breaking.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way you were supposed to sail through these treatments.  I can’t believe you are gone.  I am so so shocked.  You always were so strong.  I know you are healthy now.  Please watch over Bob.  I am praying that you are 100% healthy again.  I don’t even know what I am feeling right now.

I am so glad I got to meet you.  I was hoping to get to see you again when you were up to it.   This crappy effing disease.     This is not good bye but until we meet again my friend.  I love you.



April 25,2015


These pictures on the bottom are from the 1st time I met Shanna & Bob.  The top is the 2nd time they were in town.

dsc_0092 dsc_0093 dsc_0094



Here she is talking about Trouble


I will miss you.





An update on our lives

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Well, next Monday the 14th would have been Sassy’s 4 year ampuversary if she was here.  So we will start with my girl that brought us to this family.   Even though our journey wasn’t what I wanted ( I wanted a lot longer) I still love her and miss her.  This past 2 months have been rough.  We have lost a few of our Warriors.  We have more & more babies joining.  What I want more than anything (besides my girl back but that can’t happen) is for a cure for this effing disease.




So this is what is happening now.  We finally have Jazz on a great path after limping for a few month and chiropractic, acupuncture, laser & deep tissue massage we are finally coming to the end of her treatments.  One left on the 17th.   Then we will go 3-4 months to see how she does.  I am so glad I finally went that way.

Onto Bosch.  He had entropian surgery for his eyes at the end of July after fighting for 3-4 months of eye ulcers.  He got sick a few weeks ago and we did some x-rays to make sure nothing was going on with tummy, liver, spleen etc.  I am so happy to say nothing going on there.  He also had some back pain with it.  We weren’t sure if it was the straining of getting sick that caused it or something else going on there.  In the x-rays we saw that he had a little arthritis or spondalosis (not spelled right) going on from l4-L7.  So we are treating him with some chiropractic and laser as well with a supplement called Tryxin.  The Tryxin helps keep everything lubricated.


Snickers turn. She has been limping on her left front leg for a few weeks so we did the rest thing.  Doing a sedated x-ray.    I think I posted earlier in the summer about finding a small cyst on her back.  Well it is growing.  We had it aspirated the day after I found it.  That just said cyst cells no cancer cells.  We are having it removed tomorrow and will be doing pathology on it.   I said if they had to sedate her they might as well put her under anesthesia and take the cyst.


So that has been our life in a nutshell for awhile.


Bosch & Snickers