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Well I know I haven’t posted much on here.  All Furbabies are doing great.  Me not so much.  I have had some arm issues starting in November and put it off and put it off until I couldn’t take it anymore.  Finally went to the Dr.  still doing testing just had an MRI on Monday.  Any had to jump through some extra hoops to have the MRI done like have an x-ray before it could be approved.
Friday I had a mammogram (March 9).   My Dr’s nurse called said everything was good to follow up in year.  By the time I got back from having x-ray to get MRI approved the hospital was calling to say I needed further testing.  So arranged to have it done before my MRI.  Ended up having another mammogram and an ultrasound.   They found a spot.  Gave me an option as I was laying there to have a biopsy done or just to watch it.  As I was laying there crying all I could do was lay there and think what Dr Sue says “Why wait aspirate?”.  I followed that.     I had a biopsy done yesterday now the waiting starts.  Am I scared not really.  I know I have a good support system with what ever happens.  Not really worried because the Dr. thinks its more of an infection but one can never be sure.

So enough about me here is some smiling dogs at the Dog Park a couple weeks ago.

Bosch Monday night keeping me company on Monday night

3 amigos & gma









Younger of Sassy



PS didn’t post to get sympathy (but thank you for all the well wishes) Just basically wanted to say that statement can apply in our own lives and not just our furbabies.


14 Responses to “All I could think of was Dr Sue’s don’t wait Aspirate.”

  1. jerry says:

    Michellllllleeeee. I was totally thinking of you on Monday wondering how the MRI went. Had no idea about the biopsy. Please keep us in the loop OK? I’m going to bug you if I don’t hear from you. Paws, fingers, toes & tails crossed for good news.

    Thanks for the doggie photos, they made me smile!

    • Michelle says:

      I just found out about this on Monday. Had biopsy yesterday. Did find out though after I posted this I do have a tear in my rotor cuff. Sending me to ortho Dr. not sure what the plan is yet.

  2. Purrkins says:

    Michelle, you’re in our thoughts and prayers, sending good juju your way for no big deal. Your MRI proves to find the solution to the arm & a way forward! The biopsy is an infection that can be treated. I am glad Dr. Sue’s words rang in your ears! Rule whatever in or out!

    We need a great support system all the time and more so in times like this! We will watch for an update, please let us know!

    Love the three amigos with Grandma!

    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  3. benny55 says:

    Glad you listened to Dr Sue! I know that had to be a loooong stressful day. And you ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM! We love you and are ALWAYS here for you!!!

    And we are ALL sending B9 energy to that perky boobie of yours 🙂 🙂

    So glad you posted the pics! Your pups always make us smile! I would looove to be a fly on the wall when you walk in with three. big Rotties!!! 🙂 🙂 Some people may even pooh pooh in their pants! 🙂

    It’s so sweet seeing the girls with Bosch and seeing his distinctive greay “mature” muzzle compared to their “younger” muzzles. He’s auch a distinguished fella’. And I love how Snickers appreciates the value of some spit across her face. Very “girlie”:-) 🙂

    Lots and lots and lots of love!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. paws120 says:

    (((Michelle))) Sending you a great big cyber hug! Will keep everything that I can keep crossed for you. You know it’s probably nothing but that doesn’t make the waiting easier.

    Flying love and hugs your way from the whole crew here!


  5. mom2shelby says:

    (((( HUGS )))) …. I know ALL will be fine as you have the world’s best angel watching over you! Sassy will not let anything happen to you! If the news is not good, then you are indeed correct … you have a nation of supporters here that will support you! But I am also sure that’s nothing!

    I am glad you are putting your health as a priority and taking care of you! We always put others and especially our furbabies needs before our own when we really should do both! As they always say on the plane, put YOUR mask on first before helping others!

    A healthy and happy M is on the horizon! I just know it!!!
    alison (spirit shelby) and little jasper too!

  6. megstamum says:

    You DO have a great support system. You have people all over the world who love you and are thinking of you. Will be watching for an update. Always love seeing pictures of the pack ❤️

    Big hug,

    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie

  7. linda8115 says:

    Awe hugs Michelle! Praying for biopsy to be B9 (most are) and hoping your rotator cuff can heal itself without surgery. I know you’re tired of hurting so sending healing light to you. I know pain gets old really fast…but healing takes time. As always loving all the pictures of your magnificent pups….so shiny black. You’re such a great doggie Mama always doing the best for them….always! Love you my friend see you soon!

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