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So we have actually had a few days of nice weather here in Council Bluffs the past couple of days so the dogs have gotten to spend some time outside.  It’s going to turn icky again this weekend so we did some video today of the two girls playing .  Bosch & Jazz singing just a warning in case your dogs go crazy lol.



Bosch & Jazz

Bosch & Snickers

The fun hole the girls were digging


Bosch & Jazz singing, Gabe hugging Snickers








April 5, 2018



hope you enjoy


Michelle & Angel Sassy

8 Responses to “Just some fun pictures and videos”

  1. linda8115 says:

    Oh my that is one beautiful amazing pack you’ve got there Michele! All their coats are so shiny….Rotties really are an impressive breed and gentle giants as I watch Gabe snuggling with Snickers! Thanks for sharing this “day in the life of” treasures with us!

  2. paws120 says:

    Omd…SO MUCH DOG!!! They are just amazing. When I saw that little child almost disappeared on the couch I just got the biggest grin. So sweet! Thanks for sharing, it is so nice to see some good happy stuff 🙂
    We may get snow on Monday and it was 80 here today, sigh.


  3. benny55 says:

    YAAAHOOOO!! ‘Bout time we fot some great poctures od the rrio!😙

    First of all, Sir Bosch , you are such a handsome and distinguished fella. I love how you are so tolerant!😊

    Michelle, your Roties are such a good looking crew…and such Goodwill Ambassadors for the breed. And such food singers!!! Move over Adelle!!

    Gabe hugging Snickers and Snickers anuggling Gabe……PRICELESS!!♥️

    Now, about that picture of Jasmine and Snickers sitting side by side on the slide (is that the slode?) .BEAUTIFUL!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! And your Rotties always have THE shiniest fur! Sassy always did too.♥️

    I can easily see the differences in Snickers and Jazz when they’re side by side…..not so much when on their own.
    REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ENJOYED SEEING THESE GIRLS AND UNCLE BOSCH! The smiles are always needed here and these three always make is smile!

    Lots and lots of love…lots!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  4. benny55 says:

    PS I didn’t get the volume cut down quick enough…..and you know what that meant!! Surprised you couldn’t hear them!!

    Like Jackie said…”a lot of dog”!

  5. dobemom says:

    What fun videos! I can’t imagine the wrestling with dogs that size! I thought I had it bad with my two, they’re nothing compared to Rotty Wrestling!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

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