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Four years ago today

Today I had one of those wonderful Facebook memories (not really) although it brought me here where I have a great family.  Today would be 4 years when we thought Sassy had Osteoscaroma.  I wanted it to be a bad dream and an infection.  We started this journey with many tears and screams and ended it that way too.  I thank God every day this family and great friends here.

Sassy before her amputation  Oct 18, 2012 and before her first biopsy.  This is right around her 2nd opinion.  Do not be afraid to get 2nd opinions.  I found the most caring and great vet that way.




4 Responses to “Four years ago today”

  1. dobemom says:

    Beautiful pic of Sassy….you’re right, this family is the best!

    Paula and Nitro

  2. benny55 says:

    No one wants to be on this journey. Yet, if there is such a thing as the “silver lining” to be found, it’s the privilege of getting to be friends with you and Sassy. You two nave touched, and continue to touch our hearts in soooo many ways. The incredible impact you and Sassy have on everyone whose paths you cross is one of empowerment, love, caring, compassion and hope. You give so u selflessly to all of us.

    Sassy has shown us what a Goodwill Ambassador she is, not only for all tripawds, but what a great representative she is or her “breed”! After getting to know Sassy, there is no way you could ever look at a Rottie again without seeing a huge gentle heart.

    I know you have tears today. I just hope as the grey cloud lifts today, you will feel our love and our appreciation. I hope you can float on that feeling as it carries you towards happier memories…like Sassy sleeping with her butt on your pillow!

    Always with love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Deb says:

    Awe M. She was beautiful!

  4. Codie Rae says:

    Awww, Michelle, how can it have been 4 years already?? I hope you know that Sassy’s spirit lives on in all the things you do for Tripawds. Ditto what Sally said, you are an amazing person and you give so much to this community, even though Sassy has been gone all these years. Some people withdraw when their tripawd passes and we totally get that it can be just too hard to come back here but from the get go you decided to your honor your girl by helping others travel the same path with love and compassion. Many tripawd blessings to you and to Sassy over the Bridge. xoxo
    Martha, Codie Rae, and the OP

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