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Today would have been Sassy’s 2 year Ampuversary.  I can’t believe I have been a member here that long.  I sure wish we could have a big party to celebrate this with Sassy but she is partying it up on the Bridge with our buddies that have crossed over too. 2 years of thinking she would beat this nasty dreaded disease.  Just wish it would have happened.  I celebrate everyone’s milestones with you and your sadness with you too.

For you my baby girl I always celebrate you no matter what.  2 years ago at this time I was at the vet’s picking you up after your amputation that day.  I didn’t know what this journey would bring us but I knew we wouldn’t give up no matter what.  I know you never did.  Sometimes I feel like I let you down not trying harder or something for you.  All I knew that day was we were going to fight to the end and I was so very proud of you.  You had a HUGE smile on your face even though you were drugged up.  You were ready to come home.  We got our instructions and you hopped out to the car.  Once in the car you laid down and went to sleep and slept so hard that I thought I was going to have to sleep out in the car with you.   We got you into the room and you went back to sleep.  Me I didn’t sleep much that night but I was so glad you were home.

I love you Sassy.  I would do everything over again for you.  Maybe only changing the fact I put you through 2 biopsies.

Happy Ampuversary




Love you baby girl


9 Responses to “Happy 2 Year Ampuversary”

  1. penny4weims says:

    Happy Ampuversary Sassy Girl. No one could have loved you more than your momma. I know you have lots of angel pups up there playing and wrestling around. No pain, no worries.
    Penny and Spirit Maggie

  2. bcullom says:

    Thinking of you today, Sassy and Michelle….another tough day for sure.

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  3. Codie Rae says:

    Oh yay, another reason to celebrate tonight! Celebrating YOU Sassy, your life , your fight, and the inspawration you have been and continue to be to the Tripawd Nation!!!!

    xoxox to you Michelle, I know these anniversaries are hard…….thinking of you……

    ‘K its time for CAKE!!!!!
    CR and the OP

  4. dawna says:

    I’m toasting to Sassy tonight! She’s on the other side of the bridge celebrating with her friends.
    Take care,
    Dawna and Carly

  5. benny55 says:

    Sweet, beautiful Sassy Sugar Bear, we love you and your momma so much!

    And yes, you knew y ou were always the Queen in that household and that you were ABSOLUTELY adored!!

    Nope, you didn’t give up and your mom didn’t give up! A powerful team…then and now!! And a team that continues to inspire and support everyone on this journey.

    NOTHING can separate you two! It’s always Michelle and Sassy, Sassy and Michelle…always!

    May you find peace today knowing thst she knew how well loved she was…is! And that’s really all that matters.

    We all love you and Sassy so much. I hope you can feel that love, especially today.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  6. mom2shelby says:

    thinking of you today!!! Sassy definitely watches over you … always!

    Two years – wow. We are so glad you have stuck around with us. You bring so much joy and support to all the members, the newbies, the ‘oldies’, everyone! Your wisdom and memory of what you went through really helps! I’ve blocked a lot of our journey out of my mind.

    Thank you for always being here for all of us!
    Much love to you today!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby and little Jasper Lily

  7. snoop says:

    Dear Michelle,
    Our thoughts are with you. Anniversaries can bring such a mix of emotions, of celebrating Sassy’s life and the loss. She was a beautiful dog, truly loved and cared for.
    She’s with you inside your soul for forever.

    Esther and her Angel Snoop

  8. rica55 says:

    Happy ampuversary angel! I know you are having a big old celebration and mom is thinking about you bunches.

  9. jerry says:

    Michelle, never forget that you did everything right with Sassy, everything you did was out of love love love. She knows that too.

    In the last two years you have helped so many people with your experiences, your big heart and your compassion. This anniversary is a heartache in itself but your courage to stick around and be here for others speaks volumes about what an awesome human being you are. We can’t thank you enough. Sassy will always be our bright, shining star.


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