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It just seems like yesterday but in reality it has been 15 months.  Yeah it has gotten easier but I still miss my girl.  Every day I read about the new people joining and their starts and some of the ends of the journey.   My heart breaks each time.

Our journey is always in my mind.  Sassy is always on my mind.  Some might even think I am crazy.  I refuse to wash her blanket & sleep with it every night.   Heck I even pull it out from from Snickers when she lays on it.

Would I do this all over again if I had to? Yes, I would.  It probably wouldn’t be the same as with Sassy.  I do not regret one minute on this journey.  I hate the fact that I don’t have my girl.  I HATE the fact that cancer robbed me of time with her.   I HATE that there is even such a thing as cancer.  I HATE that my friends have to go through this.

I look at her portrait every single day.  I see her wonderful smile.  I want to feel her velvet ears again.  I know that there will be a time that I will.  I wear her necklaces every single day.  The only time they come off is to shower & sleep.   I will never forget her Angelversary or her Ampuversary.  Maybe I shouldn’t write on these days but its my therapy lol.

Love you my sweet Sassy Sugar Bear.


sassy all done


The moon the night Sassy crossed the Bridge.





I love you my baby girl.  I miss you tons.


9 Responses to “Happy 15 month Angelversary”

  1. benny55 says:

    That portrait gets me every single time……every single time it takes my breath away….every single time I get all goosey bumby…every single time I am in awe of her besuty, her smile, her “essence” so beautifully captured by the artist.

    And Inpity those who aren’t “crazy” like us….who don’t know the depth of love and devotion we’ve had the privilege of experiencing.
    Yeah, call me “crazy in love” any day!

    And Michelle…you did NOT say maybe you shouldn’t post on these “versaries”……ohhh no, you did NOT say that!! You are doing a stellar job of keeping Sassy’s legacy alive and continuing to reach out and inspire others!!!!

  2. benny55 says:

    Whoa….got so upset I hit submit too soon!!

    I, like so many others, will always look forward to Sassy’s blogs….they are eternal just as she is!

    And Snickers…..step away from the blanket!!! Sorry sweet pup, that’s sacred ground!!!

    SASSY WILL NEVER, EVER BE FORGOTTEN…..and we ALL are gonna make sure of that!!!

    I remember the picture you posted of the moon that night. It was somehow comforting then, and it still is now. Very peaceful, very beautiful.

    I put out a few Christmas decorations out last night. My little tribute table with Sassy’s portrait looks auite festive! Don’t k n ow n if I can “paste” it on this space or not…I’ll try.


    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  3. harmony says:

    This is so beautiful. Now I have to go “fix” my makeup.

    Love, love, the portrait. And that picture of the moon, that just made my heart pitter-pat.

    AND, you keep on hating that cancer. That’s exactly what you should do. Let’s cure that hateful disease with no more than what it deserves, HATE!

    Okay, deep breaths, xoxoxo

  4. bcullom says:

    Yes, you should write on these days….no matter how much time goes by, our angel Tripawds will always be missed, loved, and mourned. And I just have to tell you, I do the necklace thing, the blanket thing (Pearl is not even allowed to use it, she has her own now) and I still sleep with Polly’s fleece coat that I made for her years ago, it keeps me close to her…..and I do not wash it, either, not since the last time she used it.

    I love seeing this beautiful pic of Sassy….it makes my heart happy to know she made your life so fulfilled and joyful. We all will never forget her here.

    Sending {{{hugs}}}
    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  5. Tracy says:

    Damn Michelle,
    And I shouldn’t read this while at work… 🙁
    I think you and I are cut from the same cloth.
    That portrait of Sassy is just beautiful – and the that moon photo…brings tears to my eyes…
    I hope Sassy and Maggie have met at the rainbow bridge and smiling down on us now…
    Hugs to you..
    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  6. mom2shelby says:


    I am with you – writing about it helps … it’s cathartic to me. It reminds me that it is real. And my hope is that in years down the line, I will find comfort in these blogs. I don’t know. I can’t go back and read them now. It’s still too raw.

    We will never forget Sassy!!!! Her love and presence is still so strong!

    Much love,


  7. Stirling and Guardian Tahoe says:

    A very special tribute for a very special girl! I feel your pain and anger of the deprived time and this will never dissapear, but just maybe lessen.
    You are doing such a great job in keeping Sassy’s memory alive.

    Right there beside you.
    Stirling and Tahoe

  8. bartsmom says:

    Michelle – I feel the same as you do. I love hearing that you also sleep with Sassy’s blanket. I have the blanket that Bart used when he first came home from his amputation and the one I used when I carried him home the day his body left me.

    I have left his crate the way it was and make sure he always has one of his favorite stuffed birds in there with him. I am waiting for the day that Towanda, my new Vizlsa puppy, will be responsible enough (i.e., potty trained) to sleep in his crate, on his bed, with his lo-lo (blanket) and his stuffed pheasant.

    If we are “crazy” for this conduct…oh well. I have done crazier things in my life.

    I love seeing Sassy’s portrait on FB…every time I see her face it not only makes me smile, but I feel an instant connection to you because I know how you loved her and how you miss her and how important it is to support each other.

    So, please keep writing. Please keep “liking” and thank you for being a friend to all of us here.

    Here’s to Sassy & Michelle! Let’s all raise them up today in our hearts.

    Love and Darcy & Angel Bart (it still is soo very difficult to put the angel in front of his name…yes, I guess I am crazy)

  9. jerry says:

    Michelle you are SO not crazy. If you are, then we ALL here here at Tripawds ’cause I’ll bet that most of us still have our special mementos of our dogs out and around the home. I can totally relate. I miss Jerry every single day and even though all this time has passed, there isn’t a minute when I’m not sad he isn’t here. But like you, I think of his happiness, his joy, his lessons, and for that I am grateful. That keeps me going, it keeps me smiling just as he would want, just as Sassy wants for you.


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