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Oh lordy where to begin.  Last night was one of the scariest nights of my life.  Bosch has been on antibiotics for an infection he got on his chin from his allergies & scratching since Nov 1st.   Last night him & the girls were playing/barking at each other as normal.  I went to get them off of him and noticed that he was drooling really bad.  I had some Cerenia left from Sassy so I gave him one figuring that would help him out.  Well, not even 20 minutes later he was puking a white sticky substance plus still drooling horrible.  I know drooling is a sign of nausea, he also was very uncomfortable.  I took him to the ER vet about 8 pm this all started around 5ish pm.  Why so late you ask.  We were outside and he just wanted to lay in the cold air.

We got to the ER vet and he just had huge drool hanging from his jaws.  I felt so bad for my baby.  I knew he didn’t feel good.  He didn’t have a temperature or anything.  His vitals were good but he just was lethargic, uncomfortable & tummy distended.  The vet came into examine him.  treatment suggestions blood work & also xrays.  Of course as we waited I couldn’t help think about the nasty “c” word too.   He needed an x-ray of his stomach.  She was suspecting bloat.  They saw several areas that could have indicated a possible twist in his stomach.  The vet decided to send off the xrays to the radiologist to read them as a stat.  If they came back with thinking it was bloat then we would have a decision to make 1.  passing a tube through his stomach or 2 just emergency surgery.  As we waited for the radiologist to read the x-rays I just kept praying for him to be ok.   The radiologist came back with no bloat.  Just his tummy was really full of gas.  He got an injection of anti-nausea meds and sent home with instructions for gas x and to watch him closely.  First thing this am Dr Boyer called and we are off to the vets today so they can look him over too.


What a night.  No sleep worrying and keeping an eye on him.  He seems better today as far as drooling I still think there is some gas there as he is just laying around but he is better than what he was last night.

I know Sassy was watching over her brother last night



Our Guardian Angel Sassy


12 Responses to “A Scary night with Bosch”

  1. Tracy says:

    Awe, hope Bosch is feeling better!!! I’m glad it wasn’t bloat!! Keep watchin’ over Bosch, Sassy!

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  2. carolraine says:

    What a beautiful boy! Glad to hear that you didn’t get any bad news and hope that he is all well soon

  3. fourminipups says:

    Poor Bosch and poor you. Sending good thoughts your way and I know he will be just fine.


  4. mom2shelby says:

    Michelle, I meant to check in earlier but work got in the way. I was in the chat last night w/the girl and heard about this. I was just praying SO hard Bosch would be fine !!! So relieved to read this. Gas is indeed painful! I cannot even imagine for a dog! Oy…

    He is most definitely uncomfortable… poor guy! But Sassy and all the Tripawd nation are looking out for you!

    Hugs and love!

  5. amya says:

    Oh geez, Michelle, I just saw this link of FB! I’m so glad he didn’t have to go through surgery. I think our fears are amplified now whenever our other babies don’t feel good. We automatically go to the worse case scenario (“C”).

    Sassy is surely watching over you all, I just know it.

  6. benny55 says:


    Only on this journey would you find people who would “hope” it was “just” the bloat…as opposed to it being that pice of crap disease!!

    Better than that though, is to find out it was JUST gas!!! I wouldn’t let Bosch sleep under the covers for s night or two!!! 🙂

    Sorry this happened, but so glad it turned out okay!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    SASSY! Good job watching over everybody!!

  7. jerry says:

    Michelle I couldn’t believe it when Karma told me. I am SO sorry this scary situation happened and hope with all I’ve got that whatever caused it isn’t serious. We send our love and prayers for a good outcome, so keep us posted. xoxo

    • Michelle says:

      Well, Dr Boyer is thinking could be reaction to Cephlaxin so she put in his chart no more taking that ever. She looked at the x-rays and said that they looked normal to her except she could see a lot of gas in his stomach. She didn’t think it twisted and twisted back like the ER vet did. She said she had never ever heard of that happening. That once it twists it stays like that. So more anti nausea drugs and keep giving the gas x. Said that gas x is not absorbed into the blood stream so it won’t hurt him and you can’t OD that. So that is the update 🙂 He is feeling a lot better today

  8. rica55 says:

    Oh Bosch! I’m so happy it wasn’t bloat, but don’t like to hear you weren’t feeling well!!! I hope you are doing better now!!!!!

  9. Christine says:

    omy gosh Bosch!!! geesh.. Hey.. Franklin was the only one allowed to have that much gas to pass!!!!
    So glad it was not Bloat… and you can’t help but worry… worry.. worry.. especailly since we have been through so much with our previous babies.
    Hopefully you are feeling better today.. and farting when no one is aroung.. or upwind!!
    Christine.. with Franklin in her heart♥

  10. leland4 says:

    Oh Bosch…what a way to scare your mom. I’m glad it was just gas and not something serious. That poor fella must have A LOT of gas to pass…keep some air freshener on hind.

    Yeah, I think the whole worrying thing just comes with the territory after what we go through with our Tripawds. I know for me I catch myself just waiting for something to happen with Lucian and he’s only 6 months old this month.

    I sure hope Bocsh is feeling much better today.

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  11. trituck says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Glad to hear that your horrible night with Bosch turned out to be gas – and nothing more serious.

    Such a handsome boy!

    Hugs to both of you

    Linda and Tucker

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