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14 Months as my Angel

Today would be yours & Brendol’s 14 month at the Bridge.  It just is hard to believe that you 2 have been gone as long as you have.   Every day I think about you.  Every day I still wish you were here.  The days have gotten better I look at your portrait everyday hanging above my desk and look at your smile.  I miss your velvet ears.  I see you teaching Snickers different things like she does some of your dance but no one could ever compete with you on that.

I just always know those anniversary dates without looking at the calendar my heart knows it.


Love you baby girl my little sweet girl






5 Responses to “14 Months as my Angel”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Gonna jump through the screen and kiss that sweet mug!!!! You are soooo photogenic Sassy!

    Fourteen months…sounds like such a long time…seems like yesterday thoug…and because you are here keeping her legacy of hope alive here….it keeps her alive in our hearts. Sassy has been a Heavenly Angel now, for as long as Happy Hannah was a tripawd…feels weird…that time thing..weird..

    I keep scrolling back up and look at her picture. You know how I love pictures of Sassy! Her eyes are so gentle Michelle, so loving. And my oh my how she loved you!

    Love you my friend,

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  2.   trituck Says:

    14 months as an angel – hard to believe but your legacy lives on through the support and compassion your Mom gives to everyone in the tripawd nation.

    Love and hugs

    Linda and Tucker

  3.   bcullom Says:

    Michelle, I can feel your intense pain in my own heart of your loss of Sassy……<3 <3 Double hearts to you and Karma, on another difficult milestone……

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  4.   mom2shelby Says:

    I feel your sadness and pain … I really do. These anniversaries are the absolute WORST! Even the leading up = you feel that heaviness sitting on your chest. But Sassy is always with you. Sassy’s tender compassion lives on in you and all that you to for the Tripawds nation! You are real treasure and gift to us all!

    Much love,
    alison with the spirit of shelby fur-ever in her heart (and little jasper too)

  5.   jerry Says:

    Awww, look at her face. She says “Mom, I’m still here. I will never leave you.”

    Those velvet ears…those are what I miss most about our Jerry too. So magical.

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