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Introducing Canine Good Citizens Snickers & Princess Jasmine

Hard to believe that they did it will flying colors.  We tested last night for the Canine Good Citizens test.  A week early from our advanced class.  We will still next week as its individual pictures being taken.   They are such good girls and I know Sassy you had a hand in this.  Making sure Snickers didn’t jump during her test and both of them staying still when I was gone from the room for our supervised separation.  Now all I have to do is mail off for the certificate showing they passed.  I can’t wait.

Next week the passing of our advanced obedience class which shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks Sassy  🙂  for helping us out



good pic 6-26-14 silly 6-26-14


group 2 CGC 6-24-14

left to right Sophie, Buddy, Jasmine, Snickers & Shelly

5 Responses to “Introducing Canine Good Citizens Snickers & Princess Jasmine”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Well I’m beaming like a proud Auntie!, Yeah, I like that! Can I be their Auntie Sally?.

    This is a very, very happy picture! It looks like you are grinning ear to ear…and rightfully so! Very proud moment!

    Standing ovation sweet pups!! Having to stay still when mom leaves the room? WOW! That’s asking a lot from to puppies!! Yeah, Sassy probably put a little invisible Angel Glue on their paws when no one was looking! Well done!

    Look forward to more pictures! These are two find looking dogs!


    AUNTIE Sally and Happy Hannah

    •   Michelle Says:

      Yes Sally you can be their Auntie. They had to heal on leash and sit. Then they had to greet a stranger & meet a strange dog with a stranger. Sit & down. Then come when called. The big one was the 3 minute separation. They did great. I am very proud of them. Now I just have to send in their stuff to order their certificate & put the title on their registration with AKC and order the tags to go on the collars. $ 20 Dollars for the certificate and then 20 for a stainless steel tag. Money well spent. 🙂

      Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2.   trituck Says:

    Congratulations Snickers and Jasmine….and of course you two Michelle 🙂

    Angel Sassy was definitely helping the girls out with this one!

    Many hugs

    Linda and Tucker

  3.   jerry Says:

    You are so pawesome! Not only did you attempt this with one dog, but TWO? And PUPPIES? Holy moly you ROCK! Congratulations Michelle, I know that Sassy is beaming with pride.

  4.   mom2shelby Says:

    Congrats!!!! So happy for you! You all look great and so proud!


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