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Happy Hannah and her new Angel Wings

I made a post about Happy Hannah another time and it made Sally so happy.  Today I have to make this post and it rips my heart to pieces.  Hannah crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  I hate cancer so bad.  We lost one of our biggest cheerleaders today.  I know in my heart that Sassy met Happy Hannah and helped her cross and is showing her the ropes of being an Angel.  Hannah will never ever be forgotten not by me not by any of us.  Sally, I know this is the hardest part of the journey we have and we are all here for you.  Please lean on us and let us help.

Hannah, I know you are listening to all of us.  Please let your mom know you are safe.  We grieve for you and want to help your mom through this part of your journey.  You have left a legacy here.  There will never be another Happy Hannah who loves her treats, deer poop, ice cream, cookies, cupcakes like you did.  Run Free like the wind Hannah.  We all love you.


So I am going to share a few things I loved about Happy Hannah



hannah ice cream blue penguin hannah sleeping over sassy & I Happy Hannahbed 2 sally & hannah 2 sally & hannahheaven


Sally, we love Happy Hannah too and grieve with you


Love you my friend

Michelle & Angel Sassy







12 Responses to “Happy Hannah and her new Angel Wings”

  1.   Karma Says:

    Very sweet Michelle

  2.   roxiesmom Says:

    Beautiful, Michelle.

  3.   Nicole and Lily Bear Says:

    Beautifully written. I am heart broken for Sally. God bless you, Sally! Your baby girl is happy and running free eating all the ice cream she wants in heaven. Lean on us if you need us. We are here for you.

    Nicole and Lily Bear

  4.   mom2shelby Says:

    So sweet…. sending lots of love to Sally …

  5.   Shannan Says:

    Beautiful Michelle.
    My love and prayers to Sally.
    I will never forget her kindness and support when I needed it.
    With love,
    Shannan and Angel Dottie. ❤️

  6.   willowsmom Says:

    Thank you, Michelle, for finding the words that seem to be lost to me right now.


  7.   fourminipups Says:

    A perfect remembrance. Thank you for sharing some smiles.


  8.   jerry Says:

    Beautiful Michelle. Thank you so much for helping us to celebrate her amazing, unforgettable life. We will miss her so much.

  9.   trituck Says:

    Thank you Michelle – for the beautiful tribute to Hannah and the words of love and support for Sally!


  10.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Sally has been our sunshine since she arrived here. I hope she finds some support in us the way she provided it to so many. This lovely tribute to Hannah is very special, Michelle. Hannah was larger than life. Thank you for all the wonderful memories of such an amazing girl.

  11.   benny55 Says:

    My Dearest Mochelle and Sassy Sugar Bear.

    Your compassion knows kow limits.

    This means the world to me! My Happy Hannah gets to share a blog with her Sassy yet again!!

    Michelle, I keep coming back here but couldn’t post til now. Yor words and pictorial tribute….I can’t even espress my gratitude.

    To see how loved she is….to see how much you and everyone here loved her…just warms my soul.

    You picked THE most PERFECT pictures and videos!! She stays soooooo alive this way!! And Michelle, you were one of the first ones to tell me to take lots of pictures and not to delete!! I’ve followed your advice and I’m sooo glad I did!

    Thank you Michelle…thank you…such inadequate words for such a magnificent gesture that means so much to my aching soul right now. I am solost. But you, and so many others, know what that feels like.

    And the post to this blog touched my heart. Thank you everyone. Thank you for enjoying my Happy Hannah and the beautiful tribute from a loving and kind soul.

    With love.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    •   Michelle Says:

      I love Hannah a lot. This was my honor to post a tribute to her. You both mean a lot to me & to Sassy. It was just a small gesture that I could do for you. Hannah deserves more 🙂
      Love you Sally

      Michelle & Angel Sassy

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