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Happy 8 month Birthday Jazz & Snickers

Wow a lot has changed in 8 months.  I can’t believe 8 months ago Sassy was still here and these 2 little ones were just being born on 08/19/13.  I have had them 6 months crazy girls that they are.  We completed beginner obedience training and are going to be in week 3 of intermediate training.  Planning on Therapy dogs maybe with both but definitely with Snickers.  They are definitely getting Canine good Citizen titles on them.   So that is our plan.

Snickers is even becoming a cuddler at night.  She will start out sleeping on the floor but in the middle of the night jump onto the bed and sleep with me.  Sometimes even sticking her head into my arm as I am sleeping.  Jazz has slept with us a few times but tends to get up in the middle of the night and like to chew on my dresser and I think she sleeps better in her crate so that is where she sleeps.


Here they are the birthday girls & Bosh DSC_0362


JasmineDSC_0377 DSC_0381

Jazz & BoschDSC_0393

Jazz & BoschDSC_0395 DSC_0400 DSC_0366 DSC_0367




Michelle  & Angel Sassy


Here they are the birthday girls

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5 Responses to “Happy 8 month Birthday Jazz & Snickers”

  1.   Linda Morrice Says:

    Happy Birthday to the lovely ladies – Snickers and Jazz!

    I laughed when I saw the pic of the girls laying on top of Bosch on the slide….he is so patient 🙂

    Many hugs

    Linda and Tucker

  2.   benny55 Says:

    GREAT PICS MICHELLE!! Cannot help vut smile when yoj see these!

    The “puppies” are sooooo pretty and Bosch is handsome as ever.

    I love the close-up of Jazz’s mug and the close-upsof Jazz and Bosch on the slide. And then all three n the slide…soooooo cute!! You’ve got the best doggy playgrou d going on over there!

    And WOW! Therapy dogs…good citizen dogs…obedience graining… jave some real special pups over there. I kow you’re having a blast with all this.


    Sassy and Happy Hannah are celebrarng with steak, ice cream and cake!

    Much, much love Micnelle.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3.   roxiesmom Says:

    Michelle, they’ve gotten so big, and they’re all so beautiful together. And Uncle Bosch is a saint! Great pics of great dogs with a great future!

    -Liz and Angel Roxie

  4.   jerry Says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jazz and Snickers, Happy birthday to you!

    There’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of this world than by looking at photos of your hoppy faces and playful romps. Live it up kids, we’re following your lead.

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