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Today would have been 17 month Ampuversary

Today if Sassy were still here & not at the Rainbow Bridge our wonderful community would be helping to celebrate my girls wonderful 17th month Ampuversary.  So I sure hope everyone still celebrates with extra rubbies & treats all around.  I know my crew will get a few treats today in honor of my Princess Warrior.  I know Sally & Hannah will celebrate with chocolate, ice cream & steak 😉

I know that I am kinda silly for still celebrating this or remembering but I am going to keep her alive as many ways I can 🙂  So sharing a few of my favorites.  The 1st picture was when Barney came to us on her 4th ampuversary & there was an orb (I believe it is many others may not)  I have pictures before & after it and that wasn’t there.





sassy giving me kisses

sassy giving me kisses

sassy all done

8 Responses to “Today would have been 17 month Ampuversary”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Okay Michelle’ I got through this with smiles…a d then….THE PORTRAIT,!! Still smiling huge…but with big hapy tears for such a happy and wel loved girl!!!

    And yo absolutely better keep posting FOREVER!!! It IS a life affirming way to co tinue to share her heart …..and smile…..with us all! You two are soooooo important to the community and we could NEVER be nearly as effective, nearly as spiratinal without you!!! Got that!!!

    And if I recall…and I may be mixed up…but I “think” I recall some Easter pics of Sassy and Bosch?? Maybe? Or maybe I’m co fused! Regardless, Easter is aother reason to blog with her pics!! The sun rises and sets…yep…that’s a other feason to blog!! Point being, we do ‘t need no “stinkin reason” t blog for Sassy! We .ove her and we .ove yoj and that’s the only “reason” we need!!

    And yeah!!! I see that “orb”!! Darn rightit’s there!!! Perfectly clear!

    And heck yeah, Hapoy Hannah’s getting EXTRA HUGE MOUNTAINS of ice cream to celebrate with her BIG DOG BUDDY!!!


    Lots of love to you Michelle. And I PROMISE, we will NEVER forget our Sassy! We LOVE her so!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2.   benny55 Says:

    PS. I can feel the sugar slobber from that kiss all the way over here! I so love, love, love that photo!!

  3.   trituck Says:

    Happy 17th month ampuversary Sassy!

    Michelle – that is why I love this community…no rules about what is right or wrong….just lots of love and support for those of us who have been loved by a tripawd.


    Linda and Tucker

  4.   elizabeth Says:

    Happy 17th month ampuversary Sassy! I believe in orbs too, and wow its right over her. I think you got a glimpse of her guardian angel 🙂 I don’t think anyone here would think you are silly. Our pups don’t stop being our babies just because they’re at the bridge. Its an eternal love.

    Elizabeth, Angel Jake and Tanner

  5.   salembynxmommy Says:

    Great photos! <3

  6.   Karma Says:

    Always in our thoughts sweet Sassy. Happy Ampuversary and hugs to your momma.

  7.   willowsmom Says:


    Sassy was such a beautiful girl and I know how much you love and miss her. There is nothing silly about celebrating her life. I hope you have many more pictures and stories to share!

    Love and hugs,

  8.   jerry Says:

    Silly? No way! Heck that was a life changing event, one that brought you a whole new perspective on things, why not celebrate these gifts that Sassy gave to you and all of us!

    Hoppy Ampuversary Sassy, we know you had a great pawty with the Tripawd Angels in heaven. xoxo

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