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Well, I can’t believe its been 7 months.  It seems like yesterday that her and Brendol left us.  I know that she is happy and just greeted Libby yesterday and is showing her the ropes.  I know as hard as it is for this part of the journey that many have endured it before us and sadly people are joining after us.  I sure wish that they would find a cure for our babies.

Thinking of you today my little Angel






4 Responses to “Sassy’s 7 month Angelversary”

  1. fourminipups says:

    It just doesn’t seem that long ago. Thinking of you.


  2. benny55 says:

    I will never, ever tire of seeing pictures of that beatiful, beautiful Sassy! She is so lovely…inside and out.

    I do picture her as being one of the “official greeters”…the one who helps every newbie get settled in. She just hass such a wise and calm demeanor about her and I’m sure tjat’s reassuring to new members of doggy and kitty heaven. She’s sort of like the “coach” I envision all the pups g to for guidance.

    Hmmmmmm……and her momma is doing the very same thing here on earth for all the tripawd family!

    We all miss you Sassy SugarBear. But we know you’re doing a good job in your Angel Wings (XXXL no doubt). And yu stay busy watchingover your mom and cntinuousy teaching Snickers snd Jazz all yr tricks. They realy work poor Bosch over Sassy! He’s such a god Uncle though!!

    Happy ANGELVERSARY SASSY. Yeah…seven months…and we al still te pain of your earthly exitas thoughit were yesterday.

    Love to yo Michelle. Sassy is always with us…always!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. bcullom says:

    Hi Michelle…..I wish I could help take some of your pain away, but I know as well as anyone, is just doesn’t work that way. Days, just get a bit easier to breathe, but the heartache of loss always stays with us. Wishing you more peace in your heart, though, today and everyday. Keep all the good and happy memories of Sassy within your heart, and I believe she is still walking beside you.

    Sending my love and hugs…..

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  4. jerry says:

    Sassy, I know your Momma misses you so much. We do too. But I’m sure you know… your Momma is so incredible, she does so much here in this community to help others, she is carrying on your legacy and for that we are so grateful!

    Thank you for being part of Tripawds Sassy, we love you.

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