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Missing you today


Sassy today is a day I really miss you.  It has been a crappy couple of days at work & here at home.  I always used to turn to you when I needed someone to talk to.  Today my heart is just hurting I wish you were here to snuggle with.  Missing you like I always do my sweet Sugar Bear

This would be you while I worked.  I knew you were always close by.  Now I look there and all I see is empty space.  Today, I wish you were here so I could hug you.







9 Responses to “Missing you today”

  1.   rica55 Says:

    🙁 aww M I am sorry you are having a rough time but I am positive Sassy is looking down on you and watching over you. Things will get better, but I know hard days are particularly hard when you are missing your girl. Just know that she is there, in spirit.

  2.   willowsmom Says:


    I’m sorry you’re sad today. Some days are definitely harder than others.


  3.   benny55 Says:

    Ohh Michelle, we are sad with you, so sad.

    I’m going to hijack this great sentiment Maximutt shared with me. I know you’ve seen this quote before from Maximutt (Dianne), but it’s well worth repeating…

    “Grief is the price we all pay for love”

    Your grief is so deep because your love is so deep. The love, as well as the grief, will always be there. I’m sooooo glad you continue to post on Sassy’s blog!! It is so important to you…and to us…on so many levels. She will live here with us forever.

    I bow down to you every day in awe of your courage, your compassion, your selflessness, your empathy for others. We are all so grateful to be on this journey withnyou and Sassy Sugar Bear. We are all a team.

    As hard as it is to realize sometimes…Team Sassy is right by your side…listening, smiling, kissng you, smiling…oh…I keep mentioning smiling…that’s the face I always see when I see Sassy… big huge grin!

    Maybe today..or tomorrow..could could post a few grinning pictures!! There’s nothing that can change your state any quicker than seeing Sassy’s Smile!!.
    Oh gosh! I hope you feel like doing that! Who knows, that could start a whole thread of smiling mugs!!

    We all love you so dearly, so very dearly.

    Sally snd Happy Hannah
    PS! Do you want Jill and Happy Hannah to make a “F-off” video for you to take to work?? That’ll show ’em!!

  4.   micaroxy Says:

    Hugs Michelle…

  5.   jerry Says:


  6.   Christine Says:

    awww Michelle.. I know how you feel..
    but you have two little buddies who I know will keep your secrets safe!!!!
    Christine…. with Franklin in her heart♥

  7.   bcullom Says:

    We truly understand……..what Sally said was perfect…….
    Keeping you in my thoughts…..

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  8.   trituck Says:

    Just wanted to send a big hug to you Michelle.

    Wish there was more I could do…..perhaps a snuggle with Bosch or the two young ones would help a bit.

    Linda and Tucker

  9.   fourminipups Says:

    Sometimes you just want that special feeling again. Sending happy thoughts your way.

    Take care-

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