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Wow, it really is hard to believe that 16 months ago my baby girl joined the world as a Tripawd.  We proved many people wrong on our journey.  The major one thing that Sassy did was show that she could support her weight as a Tripawd.  Happy 16 month ampuversary Sassy.  You taught me many things that day.  How to persevere through the tough times and celebrate all the little things.  I know that you are watching down on all of our friends and also playing with all of the ones up on the Bridge with you.  I see the little signs that you send.

Hoppy Ampuversary baby girl.  I know you have all 4 back now but I still celebrate this as it made us stronger.






sassy giving me kisses

sassy giving me kisses



sassy all donebellevue animal hosp


2 Responses to “16 Months ago started as a Tripawd”

  1. jerry says:

    We’ve all learned so much from you Sassy! You never gave up, you bounced back from recovery, you got strong and you showed us how to LIVE! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, and we are so sad you’re not with us physically anymore but I promise you that all those things you taught us will never fade away. How can they, with that big hoppy smile on your face for all time?

    Love you gals! xoxo

  2. benny55 says:

    EVERY single time I see that MAGNIFICENT portrait, it still takes my breath away!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!! She just jumps off the screen sooo alive and vibrant and happy!

    You are sooo beautiful, i side and out!! Big dog with a big heart with a big smile and with a big legacy that will touch lives forever!

    Michelle, that e of Sassy kissing you…OMD!! PERFECT! LoVE that!! Your look is pricelss…loving every second of it, yet knowing you’re gonna’ be one slimed face before it’s over!

    And Michelle, she “supported her weight” in soo many ways here as a tripawd…as a brave soul…as a dog who knew how to live in the moment…as a dog who gave sooo much love and joyas a teacher and as a clown!

    S far as her “largeness”, I cannot tell you how many times I would worry about Happy Hannah’s “largeness” and I would think of Sassy and KNOW that she set the atandard for large dogs…and did it beautifully! And set the standard for how to dress big dogs up in style!!!

    Sassy, you andyour momma are the gift that keeps on giving…and we are sooo grateful for hou both! So very, grateful.

    We celebrate your life everyday here Sassy.

    With love in our hearts,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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