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Well today we all received some sad new about Happy Hannah and having mets.  I was thinking back and March 1st of 2013 is when Sassy was diagnosed with mets.  I know Hannah will put up a good fight and once Sally gets over being sick & in shock of this terrible disease they will continue on their fighting journey.  This freaking Cancer I HATE IT.  Why do our babies have to go through this.  Why do our friends have to feel this pain of losing their babies??? As I write this I am sitting here crying.  I wish among all things that cancer was gone.  It is evil, has no rules.  I feel like I am losing my Sassy all over again with Hannah.  I kinda put a lot of positive vibes toward Hannah when I lost Sassy as she is the one I sent her Apocaps to and Sally was always such a cheerleader for us.

I know that when the time comes Sassy will be there for Hannah.  It just makes me so angry right now that Sally is going through this.

Sally I know you will read this my thought & prayers are with you and my energy is with you too.  You will find the way to continue to fight.  I know once the shock wears off of this you will get up and say SCREW CANCER.  We are here for you no matter what.  We love you & Hannah.



Happy Hannah

so Sally shared some more pictures of Happy Hannah so I thought I would add them here too.   hannah sleeping over sassy & I blue penguin

and our eat more ice cream & chocolate YAYhannah ice cream

Sassy & I are honored to share our Blog with Happy Hannah today

Michelle & Angel Sassy



9 Responses to “Sad news today about Happy Hannah”

  1. mom2shelby says:

    It is just so sad … I know I’ve only been a part of this community for about 2 months but this has got to be one of the most heart-wrenching, sad days. I feel a sense of guilt in sharing anything ‘cute’ about Shelby today. I feel such heartbreaking sadness for a woman that I have never met but feels like a maternal soul to me. I hate cancer. I hate that it rips at the core of those we love. I can’t shake this today …. so in Hannah’s honor and Sally’s honor, I will, as she always says, “eat more chocolate” and “more treats”!!! thank you for posting this! I think you wrote what a lot of us are feeling today!

    • Michelle says:

      Don’t feel guilty about posting happy things. We need happy things on days like this and days that our babies cross the bridge. Those days are the toughest. I just wrote a few things I felt today and I totally know what Sally is feeling. Her & Hannah’s journey was tough at first for them then Hannah adjusted and Sally became the Queen of Breathing & a wonderful cheerleader. I hope she stays that way. So in honor of Happy Hannah & Sally I will eat “more Chocolate” tonight and give a few treats too
      Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. benny55 says:


    OMD! Your kindness knows no limits! Happy Hannah and I are touched beyond words!!

    And you know what Michelle, after one year and two weeks, you gave my girl a “BLOG”! To share a space on Sassy’s page….-WOW! Talk about an honor!!

    And PLEASE know this to be rue……your positive vibes were felt…and still are being felt!! And I believe this to be true also…..Sass’s Apocaps had some of Sassy’s strength in each oneof those capsules!! My goD, Happy Hannah is with us still and I KOW, without question, you ad Sassy have helped to make that possible!!

    You and Sassy Sugar Bear have helped to make soooooo much possible for all of us!! Sassy’s journey continues to inspire all of us!

    And just an aside to ALISON and SHELBYSTRONG…I had better see a cute picture of Shelby before the night is over!!! Got that young lady? This isnyour “maternal soul” (I like that) speaking. One reason I hesitated to post was I didn’t want to “scare” anyone or take one second away from all the joyous reasons we have to celebrate everday! So kick those high heels off and get your camera out! It’s picture time!

    Look at that picture Michelle posted of my Happy Hannah! You HAVE to smile!! Michelle, you couldn’t have picked a better one to make me smile today!

    And here, I have a picture for you both! I’m going to post them on the next “submit comment” because I never can figue out out to leave a “post in progess”, come back to it, without it disappearing!

    Michelle I KOW it takes incredible COURAGE and STRENGTH and COMPASSION to stay on this site! I cannot imagine how very hard it can be sometimes. I KOW you re-live Sassy’s loss everytime there is another loss of one of our brave souls. And I know today hit hard…we’ve had a bond from the first post you made. Sassy’s smiles…OMD…light up a room! Heck, light up the sky at night…but we already now Sassy’s Light is eternal and can never, ever be snuffed out.

    Alison, you are the first poster on Happy Hannah’s “sorta’ blog”! Thank you! Chow down on that chocolate!!

    MICHELLE AND SASSY…….thank you……thank you…..lovely souls.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. benny55 says:

    Okay, assuming I’m doing this in thw right order………

    Happy Hannah having a sleep-over with twoof her favorite souls!

  4. benny55 says: having a sleep-over with a few of her favorite vriends!!

    Darn!!! I did it in reverse!! Crap!! You know which one goes with which caption!

  5. Karma says:

    Oh dear. Sally. I love that picture of Hannah with her blue penguin. She is just so freakin cute! Always carrying her bowl or a baby / stuffie. We just love her so much.

  6. benny55 says:

    Okay Michelle! One more time for these pic links!! GEEEEEZ!

    Karma! Thanks…I’m gonna post that pic later!

  7. jerry says:

    This was beautiful Michelle, I know it meant so much to Sally, and all of us as well, it perfectly describes how devastated we are that another beautiful pup is going through this. Cancer definitely sucks.

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Rene. I wanted to say more but I just didn’t know how to say it and this just came out. It breaks my heart that this is happening. Sally & Happy Hannah are the great cheerleaders of our group.

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