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Dear Sassy,

I can’t believe its been 6 months since you left and crossed the bridge.  I still miss you much today as I missed you that night you left.  It has gotten better but days like today make me really really miss you.  I know you are happy there and are watching over all of us.  I wish I would see you around more than the 1 time you came to be in a dream.  I know you left that dime from heaven usually its a penny but this was a dime that wasn’t there by my car when I went into the store and came out and there it was.

I wish I had a wonderful poem that I could write but I don’t have that in me or the right words for it.  But I did find this on Facebook and thought it fit so well so I am posting it here.  I also made this special video for you.  I know it fits too.  I tried to pick the songs that made me think of you.  So I will give everyone fair warning its a tissue grabber.






6 Responses to “Sassy’s 6 Month Angelversary”

  1. rica55 says:

    Oh Sassy you are truly truly missed, what a beautiful girl. I know your Mom misses you bunches, but I know you are running around up there pain free and having a ball and looking down on your family.
    We all miss you tons.
    xoxo always,

  2. labsrus says:

    What a beautiful tribute!

    Dear Sassy, your family loved you so very much! I’m so sorry you are no longer physically with them. Please visit with them again. Please play with our tripawd hero Hunter. Continue to let your family know that you are watching over them. You are a beautiful soul.

    Best wishes for your continued healing.

    Love, Super Dog Angel Hunter’s Mom, Julie

  3. benny55 says:

    Okay Michelle…you warned us it was a “tissue grabber”. I thought that meant not until the video. Nope, I was shedding tears before I even got to the poem…much less tne video.

    Right now the video thing- isn’t pulling up…it’s the k ternet connection here in Ho duras…bjt kt’ll pull up later and I can watch it then.

    Bjt I didn’t want the day to go by without me acknowledging the special gift we all have by getting to know Sassy through you.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that sne left you a dime instead lf a penny!

  4. benny55 says:

    Oops!…continuing on…..

    After all, she left you guided you to TWO rambunctious puppies instead of just ONE!!

    I can only get on the internet down here briefly…..but I cannot tell you how many times Sassy’s banner showed up with the picture of she and Barney!
    Nope, it’s not a dime or a dream, but it’s still a “hello” in a different way.

    Sassy Sugarbear is still an inspiring hero to all of us and her story through yor posts continues to touch lives. Don’t ever doubt that. You two are sooo important to this commnity.

    I’ll come back and view the video later……i KNOW it’s beautiful ad I KNOW your whole heart was put into it.

    This can never be said enough…..Sassy will NEVER be forgotten!

    Sending you “love and light”

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. Karma says:

    Very sweet tribute for a very sweet Angel. <3

  6. jerry says:

    Oh Michelle, I’m all teary-eyed, I just now had a chance to watch your video and am so glad I waited until I could focus on all of the beautiful, adorable photos of Sassy and Bosch and your family. There’s a lot there that I hadn’t seen before!

    I know it must have been very, very hard for you to put this together. It’s difficult not to let emotions overcome you and do something like this but it’s very therapeutic in a way too isn’t it?

    She was so, so loved by you (and us too). That much is clear. I know you lost a piece of your heart when she became an angel. It’s clear that she was your once-in-a-lifetime best friend.

    xoxoxo & many, many hugs.

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