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It is very hard to believe that it has been 2 long months since Sassy crossed the bridge on August 20th.  I have been trying to move on and have opened my heart to little Snickers but don’t get me wrong I still totally miss my Sugar Bear.  The hurt has lessened a little and makes it a little easier to love Snickers.  It still would be nice to have Sassy here and enjoying Snickers and her sister Jasmine.  The weird thing, Snickers birthday is August 19th, 2013 a day before Sassy left us.

Bosch is doing better and actually eating more than he has in the past 2 months now that Snickers & Jasmine are here.











Jasmine (pink)   Bosch  & Snickers (black coat)DSC_0775




Michelle & Angel Sassy Sugar Bear

7 Responses to “2 Months since Joining all the Warriors & Princess Warriors on the Bridge”

  1. Karma says:

    I know how hard these last two months have been. And I am very happy that you have opened your heart and your home to little Snickerdoodle (that is what I will be calling her). Sassy is so proud of you. And Snickers has to be Sassy’s penny from heaven.

  2. benny55 says:

    Boy oh bo Sassy! You made sure you gave your momma doule trouble to keep her in a happy place!, huh?

    She couldn’t possibly stay sad very long with SNICKERS a d JASMNE around! Love thekr names! Love their mugs! Love their little coats! You ALWAYS make sure yor dogs are stylin’ the finest coats in the land!

    I’m so glad Bosch is enjoying teaching them how to be his pals and your pals! Bosch will teach them everything Sassy and he learned together…you’ll see the signs soon!

    Michelle’ these pupph pictures are “over the top” cute! Yo could have at least given us the “cuteness overload alert! They must constantly amuse yoj with their cuteness…and…pupph breath

    Keep posting your blog on Sassy Sugar Bear! We will always love her and always be touched byher heric life. She remains alive here with us……and Snickers and Jasmine AND Bosch!

    Love and Hugs to all! And a great big kiss fr Sasshmin yor dreams tnight…you’ll be smiling when you wa,e up!


    Oh, and I jave a nice frame for Sassy’s portrait…..I’ll take a pic tomorrow in daylight and post…You’ll lkke it:-) 🙂 and Happy Hannah

  3. Christine says:

    awwwwwwww Sassy will be a WONDERFUL guardian angel to your snickerdoodle wiggle butt!!
    You will always miss Sassy, as I will Franklin.. but I can breathe deep, close my eyes and open my heart.. I feel him there.. and you will feel Sassy too!
    You will notice a difference in Bosch now too that he is a big brother!! lol Puppies bring happiness.. and we have such a big heart for our dogs. i would be a shame to keep it closed to another bundle of joy!
    Congratulations on “Choosing Tears!”
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart♥

  4. benny55 says:

    Michelle, for whatever reason, I didn’t see the picture lf Bosch and Sassy til just ow! K LOVE that o e! She is absolutley a BEAUTIFUL girl! She just looks soooooo noble, soooooo wise and soooooooPRETTY!

    Really, that’s one of her prettiest photos!

  5. I just want to eat that little Snickers 😉 I’m glad you’re on a healing path. I think of you and Sassy each time I see a Rottie in the store or out on a walk and wonder how you’re doing.

  6. jerry says:

    Oh Michelle, two months just goes by in the blink of an eye but look at what also happened in two months; your beautiful baby girl who of course can never replace Sassy but can carry on her spirit in so many ways. You two were meant to be together, that much is obvious.

    Sassy, we miss you but you’re never forgotten.

  7. fetchon3 says:

    My heart is a little less empty without Sassy and Brendol around. They were great girls, but they are now great spirits, watching over us. She’s watching you with Snickers and is so proud and happy you’ve opened your heart to a new furbaby!

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