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Today Shari (Dakota’s mom, I am sure you have met him by now) has been visiting this weekend.  So in honor of your 10th month ampuversary we took Bosch to the dog park.  He met some nice friends one of them was a Tripawd who had been hit by a car.  Very nice boy.  I told his mom about this wonderful site.  Kinda made me a little sad that you weren’t here to play with him but I know you saw.  Bosch did good.    Bosch got to meet Shari and behaved himself.  I was really glad.

Then Shari & I went to the zoo and walked around.  In your honor after dinner we had DQ.  I thought about you.  Wish you were here to celebrate with us.  But doesn’t mean we didn’t know you were here in spirit.

Mom misses you my little sugars.



mommy 100_1217-1

Here is a picture of Shari & I at DQ (Thanks Shari for taking it 🙂  )

shari & I Sept 14, 10 month ampuversary (you werent here to celebrate)

4 Responses to “My Dearest Sassy Hoppy 10 month Ampuversary”

  1. willowsmom says:

    I know that Sassy is happy that you celebrated her today! She knows you’ll always love her, and she will always be with you.


  2. benny55 says:

    The smiles are lighting up the screen! Very contagious!

    What a WONDERFUL way to celebrate Sassy’s ten month ampuversary! Ice cream, a walk in the zoo and surrounded by tje love and compassion of someone who care and u derstand. Lovely celebratio !

    Sassy Sugar Bear, we all miss you so much. Your presence is still here withnus every single day through your momma though. She’s really making you proud…she’s so giving…just like you.

    You know, even though your time on this earth was way too short, we do’t need “longevity” to define a hero who inspires and who lights the path of hope for all of us. You inspire us because of who you are, who your momma is, and who you are as a dynamic unstoppable team! You are a warm, loving, brave soul just like your momma!

    We will celebrate every single ampuversary and we will doit with gratitude in our hearts for a dog whose life made a difference…..and continues to do so!

    Is that a bunny stuff toy? Have you been chasing bunnies now that you are so healthy and have that fourth leg back? Are you eating “bunny cakes” to celebrate your ampuversary?

    Now Sassy, you’ve gotta send your mom a sign that you’re doing well! I know you’ve been doing things vut I don’t think she’s been paying attention. So send her a big sign, okay? Can’t wait to see what it is! She’ll tell us!

    Hugs and love and a great big DQ cone celebration going on!

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  3. Dakota Dawg says:

    It was a pleasure to be there for the occasion! I didn’t get to meet Sassy but I did get to meet Bosch, and that made me very happy. Yesterday we had sunshine, singing birds, laughing kids and a bouncing rottie. It was a good day to honor the memory of a very good dog.


  4. jerry says:

    Aww Sassy, we miss you too.

    Michelle what an awesome sign that you met a Tripawd on this momentous weekend. I think Sassy was telling you that she is OK, and all is good in the Tripawds Nation because she is watching over all the kids.

    We’re so happy you had a chance to meet Shari. You two have done so much for this community, it’s wonderful that you were able to hang out in real life.

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