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3 long weeks

My dearest Sassy,

It has been 3 weeks since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  It still huts a lot.  The thing that makes me feel better is I know that you are in good company and are no longer in pain and CANCER FREE.  I know I am being selfish when i want you back but I still do.  I know it will get better with time.  Today I really miss you.  All the bad news around here I wish you were here so I could snuggle with you & feel your velvet ears again

Mommy loves you with all my heart



4 Responses to “3 long weeks”

  1.   doggiemomma9 Says:

    Hugs Michelle! Keep her close in your heart.

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Now that’s a mighty pretty girl cooling off allof her voluptuous self in a nice shady spot. And….I think this is a “new” picture here, right? See I’ve been paying attention!

    And Sassy loves you with al her heart…..and KNOWS how much you love her.

    Thank you for staying nere with us Michelle. We need you. I’m glad Sassy made sure you knew that and contnues to give you her guidance and strength to help you carry on.

    Hopefully, we can give back to you in some small way to just say “thank you for being you”.

    PLEASE keep posting pictures that Sassy Sugar Bear when you can! I love seeing her and I always love hearing some new little tidbit about glorious life here!

    Maybe as you doze off tonight you can imagine those velvet ears brushing gently aganst your cheeks as she kisses you good night. Sooooo soft.

    Hugs and love,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3.   fourminipups Says:

    Your pain shows how much love there was between you. That love still exists and will always be there. It will be what carries you thru this difficult time and what makes the memories so sweet.

    We are here to hold you close and help.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  4.   fetchon3 Says:

    Cancer free! Pain free! Deep breathes – for you, Sassy and you, Michelle.
    ~ Katy & Jackson

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