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It is hard to believe its been almost 3 weeks since Sassy crossed the bridge.  I knew it was going to be tough but never thought this tough.  It seems to be getting better day by day.  I guess you would say I am moving along but still miss her.  Had a good cry fest in the chat last night.  Some days are better than others.

I shared a bunch of pictures of when Sassy was growing up.  Looking back a lot of memories all really good.  Made me smile but yet cry.  It just seems like it was all too short.  A friend told me today that when she looses one of her Greyhounds she thinks that someone else needed them more here on earth.  Maybe that is true but still I feel like its not fair.  But when is life ever fair?  So I am planning on posting some pictures here to help celebrate Sassy Sugar Bear life.


These are not in any special order I may go back and edit the gallery but I wanted to share this with everyone.







9 Responses to “Days going by September 8th, 2013”

  1. Dakota Dawg says:

    I’m glad it’s getting easier. It will continue to be more bearable. It really will. But there will also continue to be things that bring the tears. And that’s ok. Don’t apologize to anyone for it. It’s not wrong or bad or weird.

    Keep writing here. I think it helps. And it shares Sassy with others. She’s very much worth sharing!


  2. jerry says:

    Oh Michelle, this was so much fun to look at. I love seeing all of the good times you had with Sassy and Bosch, and I hope these photos bring your heart some comfort.

    I’ve always found it so hard that when you miss a loved one, it seems like their loss happened yesterday despite how much time has passed. I don’t think we ever stop missing them, but at least beautiful photos like these helps to keep our loved ones close. I hope they do the same for you.

  3. benny55 says:

    Awwwww Michell, what a lovely, lovely family album! Thank you soooooo mich for sharing these treasured, sacred memories with us.

    No it sure as heck wasn’t fair and ner t e here was way too short. Sassy came to you as an dorable, ADORAVLE pupp and left you as beautiful wise soul who felt her purpose was complete…..her ob was well don. She knew she left you with a never ending flow of love and she took your eternal love with er

    The consistent theme of your family album, i LOVE, HAPPINESS, TOGETHERNESS, JOY AND CONTENTMENT……and TOGETHERNESS is worthy of metioning a second time!

    Snowboots? How adorable!

    Little Red Riding Hood ! The Wolf! Did my eyes deceive me or is that how they were dressed up?

    I don’t think their bones were big enough though. ZGoodness gracius what a big bne!

    Love the one where she’s laying n the bed lookin out the window.

    She loves here “rolling in tne grass, gravel, snow routine…..those posts plaster smiles on your face!

    This stupid computer keeps freezng up…bonna write ore to orrow…after I ago through tis a FOURTH time.

    We all love a d miss you Sassy Sugar Bear and we thank you for c tiui g to look after your mom!

    AAalways holdin all three of you safely in our hearts. Think about you EVERY DAY Sassy!

    And where did Michekke sleep? Clearly he dogstake over the whoe bed!
    Sassy and Bosch were such good buddies. How is Bosch doing?

  4. fourminipups says:

    Beautiful Sassy! Her spirit shines on and these pics express all the love that is part of all of you.

    Thinking of you-


  5. willowsmom says:


    Thank you for sharing Sassy with us. She had a wonderful, happy life. I know how sad you are, and I’m right there with you. It does get better. You’ll start to smile and laugh at the good memories, and that will happen more than the crying over missing her. She was a special girl and you are her special Mom.

    Sending lots of hugs your way…


  6. fetchon3 says:

    Nice tribute to Sassy! Gorgeous pictures. She was quite a love-bug and dressed up so nicely. We miss her, too, Michelle. Many of us do. Just keep marching through the days, relying on her warm memories to perk you up. She was perfect.
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  7. snoop says:

    Your pictures are just beautiful of Sassy. (And Bosch). I love looking at her from being just a little pup to the beautiful girl she grew up to be.
    You took beautiful care of her and loved her dearly.
    Losing anyone we love is hard, but I do think time does make the pain not as severe. We feel the loss, how can we not. But life moves forward and needs to. You being on this site helping others, sharing as you do and have, is a testament to Sassy. She will never be forgotten by what you do, by all of us here and to others that knew her.
    Esther and Snoop

  8. Thank you for sharing your images of Sassy Sugar Bear. I’m hoping that each and every day gets better for you.


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