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Saturday Aug 31, 2013

My Baby Sassy,

I went to pick up your ashes and bring them home.  I walked into the vet clinic and they asked how they could help me.  I just burst into tears.  I wanted to be brining you home living but I know that I did the right thing for you its still hard.  But I am so glad you are home with me now.  I still am having a rough time certain days but that is normal.  I think of you often.  I am trying to do a lot of things to keep Bosch company.  One of the hardest things is when Bosch sings and you aren’t there to join in and he runs looking for you.  I know you are singing with him at the bridge but he is just lost without you doing it here.


Thanks for coming into my life.  I enjoyed the time we had together and I love you and you will always be a part of my heart.  The biggest part.





10 Responses to “Saturday Aug 31, 2013”

  1. Dakota Dawg says:

    Always in your heart. You have a heart big enough to hold her there.

    Perhaps having her home with you now will help a little. I hope so. You did do the right thing–the only thing–for her. But it’s still hard. I know.

    Wishing you peace, my friend.


  2. Nothing can be harder than what you are going through. Sassy’s in your heart, and every other Tripawds heart, too.
    Tracy & Angel

  3. benny55 says:

    Yes, having Sassy home with you now…where she belongs… comforting in some small way.

    Perhaps, when you’re ready, you could find a special place in the yard that was dear to Sassy Sugar Bear. Reaffirm her life by adding some of her ashes into the soil there. Plant a flower, or a shrub, that will remind you she s still here, still reaffirming ner existence through the plants.

    I know you are staying on the site, for the most part, because that’s what Sassy would want. How very hard it must be to cheer others on, celebrate things you wish you could still be celebraing for Sassy, while your neart aches so deeply.
    That’s yet another testimony to your deep unc ditinal love and devotion yo nave for Sassy. It’s what she would have wanted…….nt only ks that a tribute to Sassy, it’s a tribute to the knd and compassioate soul you are Michelle. I so admire you…and all who stay connected to this site after their loved ne has passed. And we all benefit greatly from that selfless act. Thank yo Sassy for doing whatever it takes to have your mom stay with us! Good job!:-) 🙂

    okay, a little something “d like for you to try….–PLEASE! AND, on top of this request, I’m also asking that you video this……PLEASE!

    Okaaaaay here we go! When Bosch starts singing…..join in with a joyful howl/songf your own! I’m serious!! Make it a happy tune… nis little stub of a tail wag!! I’ve done this when my pack when I have lost a beloved member of our choir and it seems to really boost everyone’s spirits! REALLY! It does! They all join in with great vigor……of course, be prepared for the fact that Bosch might try and drown you out if your “howlig” hurts his ears!

    Okay…at least pictures if not video!

    We love you Michelle! We love yo Bosh! We love you Sassy amd we will never forget you!! Ever!

    Sally and Happh Hannah

  4. fetchon3 says:

    A hard day. Oh, Michelle. I’m so glad she’s home with you now. Maybe more healing can continue? If not, there’s always time, marching on. HUGS.
    ~ K&J

  5. fourminipups says:

    I know that Sassy is so glad to be home with her family (although she has really never left). Holding you close on this hard day.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  6. Christine says:

    Its a very hard day… and very emotional.. but we did it!! You and I.. we did it.. and we are glad to have our puppers home with us.. where we can kiss their urn/wooden box/clay pot every night if we want to.. cause we understand.

    I’m glad you are still posting Michelle.. and everyone else who has just lost a furbaby.. I’m glad you are all still here!!!!

    It takes a strong person to stay here and cheer each other on, yet yearning and wishing that it was us that others were cheering on. And when one of our fellow Tripawds run free, we cry. And as for me.. well I cry hard. Cause we understand.

    And some of us still keep up with the blogs.. cause it is theraptutic for us. It helps us heal. It brings smiles, and tears, to our faces sharing pictures of our sweet tripawds.. and also shares what is happening with our remaining furbabies too! Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be posting all those blogs with Mr. Wilson, but you know what.. it’s not just Franklin and Sassy and Brendol and Ursula and Shooter and Maggie who are members here.. it’s us too…. the pawrents. Cause we understand.

    Try to sleep well tonight.. your baby girl is home.

  7. micaroxy says:

    Lots of love and hugs to you from Roxy and me.

  8. jerry says:

    Oh Michelle, I know the weirdness and the heartache of holding your baby’s ashes. I’m so sorry, I hope that in time it gets less painful. {{{{hugs}}}}

  9. Bruiser Bruno says:

    Stay strong for Bosch, Michelle. I know it’s not easy. Daphne went through a depression bout for about four months before she returned to her normal self. She is much happier now, but missing them and having to work through the huge gaping void they leave behind is what we are faced with when such a large part of our heart gets broken and we are left behind. Sassy and you will one day meet again. Until then she is with you in heart and spirit
    Maricela and spirit bruno

  10. Karen says:

    Michelle, I am so very sorry about Sassy, I didn’t know. I haven’t been on for a while and just checked the blogs tonight and was so upset my the news.
    Nothing I can say will make it better, just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Karen and jenna

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