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Wow another milestone.  Hard to believe that we have come this far.  So an update on what has been happening.  Sassy continues to have issues with the results from the Cytoxin.  Called sterile cystitis (problems peeing basically) basic symptoms of an UTI.  Dr Boyer said could take up to 6 weeks for all of this to be out of her system.  Blood work came back great from the first week on the Leukeran.  Retest on the 20th of August for the first month every week testing.  Had a slight mishap on Monday morning.  Sassy thought she saw something & went tearing out of the kennel into the yard & wiped out.  So she wasn’t moving as well as she should have been on Tuesday and breathing a little harder than normal.  (So you know me I freaked out).   Of course it has been more humid again in the afternoon so that can play apart in that too.  Lungs still sounded clear when we went to vet on Saturday.


So we are still hopping along one day at a time.  🙂    Sassy is a pure joy to be around the sweetest most even tempered dog.  My little nephew who is 1 (yesterday) crawls right up to her and climbs up hanging onto her and she just sits there and then gives him a kiss.  My niece who is 2 1/2 lays her blanket over Sassy and lays down next to her.


Guess i need to get some new pictures to add.  So above all else I want to thank everyone here for their support in our journey.  Sassy & I both love this community.  We have made some great friends and shared in some great news and some tragic news for others.  Thank you for being apart of our lives and keeping me sane.


I did forget to add that Taylor surprised me with a gift.  A wire scuplture of Sassy.  Even minus the right leg  🙂100_1314 100_1315


Michelle & Sassy

100_1273 - Copy

3 Responses to “Happy 9 Month Ampuversary”

  1. Congrats on another milestone 🙂

  2. benny55 says:


    Milestone indeed!! Standing ovation over here!! CLAPPING really loudly!
    And all tests look goo too!! Heck yeah Sassy, you rock!!

    Now, don’t be tearing out of your kennel chasing things your momma can’t see! It weirds her out AND exhaust yourself in this crazy humidity! This heat and humidity in Va. has been crazy this year and I can really see a difference in ALL my dogs’ panting and breathing…..crazy humidity here! It was fun though, wasn’t it? Yeah, I see ya’ grinning_:-) 🙂

    Michell, that wire sculpture is genius! I love it! As crazy as this sounds, Taylor really did capture some of the essence of Sassy! You can look at that and see it’s Sassy! Very strong, very proud. What a wonderful “gift from the heart” for you. Very, very creative!

    Now Michell, you CANNOT have an ampuversary celebration with a picture we’ve already seen! Yeah, I noticed the “repeat” photo!:-) And no, the photo of the wire sculpture doesn’t count! Soooo, we’ll be looking for it!

    Really hapy for you, Sassy and Bosch too! Isn’t the power of love amazing?

    Showed Happy Hannah the wire sculpture. She just brought me a bucket of wire coat hangers! Yeah…..right…….I’ll get right on it!

    Sending love and lots of hugs to all!

    Sally and Hapy Hannah

  3. benny55 says:

    And it’s STILL great seeing that happy, grinning mug! ALWAYS makes me grin right back! I do! Really!

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