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Aug 2nd2013

Everything is still going great.  Today is the first dose of the Chlorembucil (Leukeran).  We had to wait 48 hours to start the new drug from the last dose of the Cytoxin.  I know I shouldn’t be nervous but am a little bit.  I know we caught the reaction soon but I am hoping with keeping her on it every other day until we got the Leukeran it kept everything at bay.  Now I am hopeing all goes well with this one.   So far so good.  Its only been about 12 hours though LOL.

So this is just a short update.  🙂


4 Responses to “Aug 2nd2013”

  1.   labsrus Says:

    Hang in there and be strong for your her. You’ll get through this!

  2.   fourminipups Says:

    I just know everything will go good. Those are some beautiful babies!

    Luanne and Shooter

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Awww come on! How did you get Bosch and Sassy to turn their heads like that in ukson?? There’s gotta be a trick!

    Of course you’re a little bit nervous…trying something new is always unsettling, t first. But then when you see how well Sass Girl is doing on this new routine, you’ll be pleased as punch!
    Twelve hours and no side effects? Eck heah! That deserves applause! Clapping ang clapping some more!

    Your pups sre so beautiful Michelle. You should be bursting with pride!

    This photo with tilted heads is just too cute

    We are all here withyou and all pulling for you like crazy! We are in your crner…..but we need to expand your corner because their are so many of us in here cheering you on:-)

    Lots of love

    , Sally and Happy Hannah

  4.   atlasmom Says:

    Sassy is such a strong warrior princess – don’t worry mom, she’s got this.
    Sending all pawsitive thoughts your way!

    Patricia & Mighty Atlas

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