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Ok here it is new pictures

Ok, I was told I cheated and used old pictures on my my blog post & I needed new ones so here they are



6 Responses to “Ok here it is new pictures”

  1.   fourminipups Says:

    I just love that beautiful face. It makes me want to give her a big hug!!!!

    Luanne and Shooter

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Yeah, now tht’s what I’m talking about!! Loving those NEW pictures!
    Guess there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind,,,,,I realy do love looking at everyone’s pictures and I can spot a repeat a mile away:-) 🙂 🙂

    Your pups are soooo beautiful AND sooooo healthy looking! I know I always comment on their pretty coats–they have such a beautiful sheen.

    Bosch and Sassy are such buds. It shows in every picture they’re in together.

    I’m like Luanne–I wanna come over and just hug on Sassy snd smooch that cuddle face of hers! She’s so darn sweet…you just see nothing but sweetnessintose pretty bright eyes of hers,

    Thank you Sassy and Bosch for posing yet againa! When you’re that good looking you cannot deprive the rest of us from seeing new potos every chance !we get:-)

    HAPPY AMPUVERSARY SASSY! You are everyone’s hero

  3.   benny55 Says:

    And your mom is our hero too!

    We all love you bunches!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Thanks for some new pictures! No cheating allowed, but Sassy can really do whatever she likes. It’s her ampuversary!


  5.   labsrus Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Super Dog Angel Hunter & his pack

  6.   BarretsMomHeather Says:

    Look at that beautiful face 🙂

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