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Hoppy 8th month Ampuversary, Milestone for us.



Today July 14, 2013 I feel we have hit a huge milestone.  Who says a dog with Osteo can’t live beyond the odds.  Especially one who has had mets for 5 months.  This is so great.  I treasure every day I have with her.  Although some days I am sure she is ready to trade me for someone else.  LOL.   I give her the pills, make her take her food & yogurt.  But we have some great time with snuggles & getting to go for rides.

Looking back, I always wondered deep in the back of my mind if we would reach this milestone.  Yeah, I was trying to stay positive & say we would but there is always that little spot in the back of your mind where you don’t really know.  I am so greatful that we keep proving the stats wrong and hopefully will continue to.  Every appointment that we go to we continue to get good news about how her lungs still sound clear and that she is doing great.  Blood work looks good, urine tests back to normal.  Only a slight set back with that small uti but it was just that and not caused by the Cytoxin.  Which can be a side affect in female dogs especially.   One word AMAZING.  That is what Dr Boyer keeps saying.  She is just amazing.

So we thought we would share some pictures and if I can figure it out a small video


100_1273 - Copy 100_1280 100_1283 - Copy 100_1292 100_1293 100_1294 100_1296

We hope you enjoy these



6 Responses to “Hoppy 8th month Ampuversary, Milestone for us.”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Okay, ready now—all together…one..two..three…

    SASSY, YOU ARE AMAZING!! 🙂 One more time so she can here it……..


    And this is an AMAZING AMPUVERSARY:-)

    Sassy, you are our smiling hero. So many of your pictures show you grinnig ear to ear! Yeah, they really do!

    For whatever reasn, I couldn’t get the video to show up. I’ll keep tryng though. You know how I would hate to miss one second of videp of Miss Sassy Sugar Bear!!

    Love your Tiara by the way! Your are indeed, a “Heart Princess

    We are all celebrating !with you and marvel, absolitely marvel at your tenacity!

    You are shining your bright beacon of hope on all tripawds and we are all honored to be in our circle of light.


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2.   Karma Says:

    Yay Sassy, happy happy ampuversary you dear sweet girl.

  3.   jerry Says:

    It really is such an honor to be a part of this very pawesome day! Michelle, you strike a really good balance between being hopeful while remaining realistic, this is why you have both done so great during this journey. Keep it up, I have a feeling that you have many more ampuversaries to come!

    Love you Sassy girl, you are looking just beautiful! xoxo Congrats!

  4.   fourminipups Says:


    You are a super girl!!! That face just makes me want some big slobbery kisses from it. Happy Ampuversary!!! Show us how it’s done!!

    Luanne & Shooter

  5.   doggiemomma9 Says:

    Hoppy 8 months Sassy! We love yours and your Mom’s pawsitive attitude!!!

  6.   blackdogcompanion Says:

    Happy Birthday Sassy. You are an inspawration. You are beautiful, strong and sweet. Keep fighting!

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