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July 15,2013 blood work

Got the call this morning blood work came back all great.  Dr Boyer said ” Blood work came back excellant” .  See you in a month.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy such a relief.  🙂   I always hold myself in reserve just because we never know until we get the results back.


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5 Responses to “July 15,2013 blood work”

  1.   atlasmom Says:

    Yay Sassy! Such great news! Look at that happy pretty girl!
    Those eyes tell me she has lots of life adventures to continue for a long time. You rock Sassy! Keep beating cancers butt!

    Patricia & Mighty Atlas

  2.   Christine Says:

    huge grin… :OD

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Look at that Face!! LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! Sassy Girl sure isn’t holding herself “in reserve”! She knows how to ace those tests!!

    Have ou ever seen a dog GRIN EAR TO EAR? Well, you’re looking at one !! Want to come on over and get every single slobber kiss she has to offer!!

    And I bet you’re “out of frame” grinning ear to ear too! You know you are!!

    Oh Sassy Sugar Bear, you light up this whole community and inspire us all!

    Michlle, these kinds of celebrations should always give us the opportunity to see Sassy Pants’ portrait again! No, I’m not kiddi g! There are so many people who have joined since you posted that! She is our “Portrait of Hope”!:-) 🙂
    Let’s show the “newbies” the face of HOPE and how HOPE smiles!!

    P L E A S E!!!

    I’m looking for it…..and so is Happy Hannah ….and everyone else!! She is our super star!

    Grinning over here, Sassy style!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4.   BarretsMomHeather Says:

    That is EXCELLENT news!!!!

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