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Well Bosch hit double digits 10 years old today.  That is an accomplishment for a Rottie.  This means this is the 3rd birthday that he has celebrated with out Sassy.  We know she was here celebrating with him.  I know he had a good birthday.  The kids were here we had cake & ice cream, sang to him and yes he even had a steak (forgot to get a picture of that though).  He really enjoyed it.

So I will share a few pictures from tonight

Birthday boy 10 years old Bosch



Barking at Gabe


Bosch & Gabe


Bosch & Grace



Bosch’s cake & Ice creamIMG_0274




Snickers & Jazz eating their cake & Ice cream IMG_0280


Grace cake & Ice creamIMG_0281




Sassy & Bosch at Sassy’s 7th Birthday party





We love you Bosch.   Not many Rotties make 10 and he is our first 🙂  We are proud of you Marshmellow Boy




5 Responses to “Happy 10th Birthday Bosch”

  1. benny55 says:

    You darn right Sassy was right there celebrating with you!!! And how do I know that to be true?? I just clicked in, saw Bosch’s blog…and guess whose banner was at the top!! Miss Sassy Sugar Bear herself!! 🙂 How’s that for a sign?!

    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENTLE BOSCH!! You really are a gentle giant…such a Goodwill Ambassador for Rotties everywhere, just like Sassy!

    ICE CREAM AND CAKE…AND STEAK TOO! Your Mom knows how to throw a spectacular pawty!!! I love that your human cousins joined in, as well as Jazz and Snickers! And btw, your human cousins are absolutely adorable! And they clearly love you very much.

    Bosch singing to Gabe…OMD! CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    This blog made my day and I haven’t stopped grinning yet!! Thank you for inviting us to the pawty! I showed Myrtle the ice cream and cake…she’s drooling and licking the screen. Frankie’s howling Happy Birthday Dear Bosch! 🙂 Sassy and Hannah have their birthday hats on and are celebrating with buckets of ice cream and wheelbarrows of steak!

    Lots and lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    A d look at Jazz and Snickers eating side by side…yet another example of how gentle Rotties are!

  2. mom2shelby says:

    Happy Birthday Bosch!!!! Double digits … you’re a big boy now!

    And that cake looked yummy…. now I need to go find cake and celebrate with you!

    XOXO Here’s to many, many, more!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart

  3. dobemom says:

    Happy birthday Bosch! Looks like your day was pawsome!

    Paula and Nitro (and Kodi too)

  4. jerry says:

    WOOOHOOO!!! You’re truly a growed up dawg now Bosch. I love how distinguished you’ve become. I know Sassy is proudly watching you age with such charm.

    It’s adorable to see how much you’ve looked after the kids. Who, by the way, resemble your Momma Michelle so much! They are almost as adorable as YOU Bosch.

  5. linda8115 says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful Bosch! Looks like you had an awesome celebration full of love and fun!

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