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Well, it has been awhile since I posted anything on Sassy’s blog.  The 20th of this month it will be 2 1/2 years since Sassy & Brendol crossed to the Rainbow Bridge.  Since that time we had a lot of furbabies joining her.  She told me that they were all ok and waiting for the day that we can all join them.  Don’t get me wrong since I am not posting on every Angelversary or ampuversary anymore I remember them privately.  I know everyone was getting tired of those posts and I just didn’t want my girl forgotten  🙂

So here is our update in our house.    Snickers is just her wonderful ornery self and loving as usual.   Jasmine has been fighting an injury on her left rear since end of Sept/early Oct.  We did x-rays etc because the first place my mind went was to Osteoscaroma.  Dr Truax (who did Sassy’s amputation) and now our vet since Dr Boyer left said he never saw anything on the x-rays and it was more in her hock area.  So we did more rest and rimadyl.  Well, I decided to let her play with Snickers and run of course she sure didn’t limp when she was playing  but come in and rest and couldn’t hardly put any weight on it. I had taken her in multiple times.  So this continued on til Feb when I asked Dr Truax if we could consider acupuncture or something.  He said he wasn’t against it.  So I consulted our naturalpathic Dr.,  Dr Hebel (she is the one I attended the food seminar on for dogs with cancer).  We saw her and she did a chiropractic adjustment, evaluation, acupuncture & laser treatment then 10 days later we did a 2nd one.  Oh the evaluation she came up with was a possible cruciate tear.  So between the 1st and 2nd treatment the swelling had gone down and I have seen some improvement.  Dr Hebel wanted us to consult with a surgeon.    So on March 10th we consulted DR Chris Horstman who came from Las Vegas and a big Oncology/surgical center out there.

So Dr Chris said in his evaluation that he didn’t feel that is was Jasmine’s knee it was more down in the hock area where Dr T thought it was.  So he gave us 3 options : continue what we were doing and rest (no horse play with Snickers or running), cast/splint and last resort being surgery.  So we are continuing our plan with DR H.   She will keep in contact with Dr Chris and let him know and if we don’t see improvement then cast/splint and so forth.  I am going to have them keep Dr T in the loop.

Bosch is good.  He had a few benign eye tumors removed.  One had been there since before Sassy crossed the Bridge.  It just started growing and was really starting to bother him.  I then noticed 2 smalls ones on the inside of the eye and those were removed as well.  So Bosch spent 14 wonderful days in a cone.  (haha not)   He figured out if he went out the back door and ran into the door jam it popped the cone open.  so spent more time snapping it closed.  Had I used a cone from the vet it would have been broken within 10 minutes getting home because those are so rigged and my dogs run into everything getting them off.



My baby girl Sassy       This was on her last birthday 07/26/2013 a few weeks before crossing to the Bridge on Aug 20,2013                                              Bosch & Sassy






8 Responses to “Been awhile since a post”

  1. benny55 says:

    WAIT!!! HOLD UP!!! Must logged in for a quick second as I’m heading towards work. Saw Sassy’s blog link. Said to myself, or maybe even out loid, “Oh YAY! A post from Sassy and pack! It’s about time!” Yep! That’s what I said!

    I didn’t even get past the dirst paragraph…didn’t even wait to read the rest or even looked at the pictures!! That’s right, didn’t even look at the pictures because I was piffed off!! Say whaaat!?

    NEVER ,EVER, EVER ,EVER, EVVVVER think any of us would EVER get tired of hearing from our Sassy!!! EVVVVVER!!! Sassy is such a huge part of what makes this community what it is…and so is her human!!! We LPVE everything about you and Sassy and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS look forward to seeing her blog!

    Really Michelle! Saying we would get tired of hearing from Sassy is like saying Happy Hannah is tired of eating ice cream and cake…or Brendol is tired of popping bubbles….or Burdda Jack is tired of eating anything…or Shelby is tired of bling!! Okay, I think I’ve made my point, right???? And I know all of her fans feel the same way!!!

    Gotta run to work…will be back and read about all the pack…can’t wait! And, of course, can’t wait to see the videos and pictures!

    Lots and lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. mom2shelby says:

    DITTO what Sally said … we are NEVER annoyed at seeing updates about angel or amp versaries on our beloved furbabies… This forum is a special place where we can always remember those that went before us. Now I personally cannot remember everyone’s angelversary … just those souls that went right around Shelby’s time. But I also do understand. That’s why I stopped posting them on my Facebook page… I did get some snarky comments as we approached the first year. But since Shelby visits less, I will probably do less after our 2 year mark but not because I don’t miss her and she’s not been replaced by the sidekick.

    But never feel like we are sick of hearing about Sassy!!! NEVER ever!!

    But on your other girls … I cannot even imagine. That must be so stressful. Poor Jasmine…. And I know where your mind went. I totally get that. Jasper limps from time to time for no good reason and it stresses me out. I still think her excessive time in “frog pose” means something.

    Anyways … I am glad your pack is doing well and Bosch is hanging in there like a champ!!!

    We love you and ALL your furbabies … even the ones that are over the bridge being the welcome committee!!!!

    Love always!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

  3. Codie Rae says:

    Ditto Ditto Michelle! This is THE place for you to remember Sassy and to share each and every memory with us. You KNOW that we are here to share in each anniversary with you. And we love hearing about Jasmine and Snickers and Bosch as well 🙂


  4. benny55 says:

    Okay, I’m baaack! And. Ow Ive had time to read the full post and see the great pictures and video!

    BTW, I love the visual you painted of Bosch figuring out how to pop off his cone! He’s one smart Rottie!

    I know Jazz’s limp is troubling…to you…not to her! I bet the regime you’re on now will help it heal. Trying to keep a youngster quiet…well, good luck with that! 🙂

    The birthday picture of Sassy with Bosch, yep, got a little glitch in my throat with that one. A very, very sweet photo.

    Michelle!! The videos are priceless!!! OMD!! I love how Bosch likes playing on his jungle gym! But his big dog bark…yeah…that’s such a great sound!! Maybe I can play Bosch barking in Frankie’s ear while he’s sleeping and he’ll change from a high pitched shrill howl to a real woof, woof!!

    Seeing Snickers and Jazz playing makes me laugh! Yeah, LOL!! 🙂 jazz looks like a bull pawing the ground and snorting through the snow while she’s trying to entice Snickers to play. And Snickers is just sitting there waiting to pounce!! Soooo cute!! Gonna go watch it again…all of em!

    I LOVE watching how Jazz and Snickers interact! They both have their own distinct trademark of how theynplay….Snickers the patient stalker…Jazz pawing the ground and bucking like a horse and snorting the ground like a Bull…LOOOOOOVE these girls…and Referee Bosch too!

    And their coats…their matching coats…sooooo cute! Very stylish girls!

    Omay, even though we had to wait a while for these pics, it was worth the wait!

    Sassy, “ya’ done done good kid”!of cojrse, Bosch may have questioned the fact that you brought your Mom TWO Rottie puppies at once! 🙂

    Lots of love…lots and lots!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. nanawoofwoof says:

    How could anyone get fed up of Sassy pictures! She was beautiful and a very special girl!
    Sounds like lots of fun in your house.. With snickers causing trouble with the cone of doom lol haha
    Glad all the checks have been clear as its scary for sure!
    Keep your blog up as its great to here everything about her so we can share her a little bit will u to! It’s lovely to get to know the gorgeous girl and her friends, but I know it’s hard to open the memory box without getting upset.
    Please remember Sassy would be so proud to have you as her mummy as not every dog is so lucky!
    Snickers, Jazz and Bosch are super lucky to as they have an owner who loves them for just being them!
    Lots of Love
    And soon to be Brad and Leah 😉

  6. dobemom says:

    Love hearing about the furkids – ALL – of them; the pics and videos are priceless! Thanks for sharing!

    Paula and Nitro

  7. zeusysmom says:

    I love Sassys blog and pictures! Sassy was the first Tripawd I was immediately drawn to! Hmmmm, I wonder why!?
    I wished we all lived in the same town! Id be over every day to play with the Rotties!
    Deb, Belle and Angel Zeus

  8. jerry says:


    Never, ever tired of the beautiful words you share with us and sweet Angel Sassy.

    But I’m glad you posted because I’ve been wondering how things have been going. Overall sounds to me like the pack is holding its own. Jaz will continue to get stronger with great care like that, I can feel it.

    As for Bosch…pretty funny cone trick he devised there. You have to get that on camera!!

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