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Hoppy Tri-Day

Sassy wants to wish everyone a Happy Hoppy Triday from the Rainbow Bridge.  I know we didn’t post on our last Angelversary but Sassy is never forgotten.    She lost her leg at 6 years old to Osteoscaroma fought a great and valiant fight.   So here are some pictures of my sweet Sassy  Sugar Bear.  I know she is healthy & happy and waiting for me to see her again.  I have been finding some pennies.  We had a birthday party for my niece at Chuckee Cheese on Saturday and I was buying a ball as we were leaving for my nephew.  I looked down there was a dime & nickel.  I know who that was from but I gave it to my nephew to make him feel better since my niece got all the tickets.

Here is to everyone else and all our Winter Warriors who are still fighting.


100_1273100_119318 month Ampuversary bellevue animal hospScan0006Sassy enjoying snow 12-27-09

3 Responses to “Hoppy Tri-Day”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    You darn right Sassy wll NEVER be forgotten!! And she did, indeed, fight a great and valiant fight!

    These pictures of Sassy always happy, always smiling and always so loved…yeah…perfect!! Rolling in her back in the snow…precious!!!
    We LOVE you Sassy Sugar Bear!! Thank you for being yoi!

    AND…we LOVE YOU MICHELLE SUGAR BEAR…and thank you for being you!!!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2.   jerry Says:

    WOOOHOO!!!! Yay Angel Sassy! Yay Bosch, Jaz and Snickers and the biggest YAAAAAYYYSSSS of all to your pawesome momma Michelle!! Rock on guys, it’s #TriDay and Angel Sassy’s shining spirit is brightening all of our days!!!! xoxo

  3.   4myty Says:

    I just love that photo of Sassy by the fence. The one of her in the snow in her red coat! Love it. Hoppy Triday at the Bridge, Miss Sassy

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