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Today was an awesome day.  I got to meet Shanna & Bob Spirit Troubles family.  They are such wonderful loving people.  Such amazing people and we chatted about Trouble & Sassy.  If you ever get a chance to meet up with anyone on the site they are all lovely people.

We all talked about the journey we had and our Journey here on the site.  I will meet up with them again 🙂  I can’t wait to meet others too.  We dog people are just easier to get a long with and I am very comfortable with meeting up with them.

Sassy & Trouble I know you were there with us.  Thank you for bringing us together.  Love you both.  Hope you are having a great time with each other.




Bob & ShannaDSC_0093

Me & Shanna


5 Responses to “Spirit Trouble & Angel Sassy’s parents meet up”

  1. Codie Rae says:

    Oh gosh you guys! We are sooooo jealous! One a these days we are gonna rent us a RV and travel the country to meet up with tripawds peeps in every state! How fun would that be?!?! Lovin’ seein’ you together!

    Codie Rae

  2. jerry says:

    Love it love it love it! This community never ceases to amaze me. Two moms of Tripawd angels who earned their wings years apart, yet still find friendship in this community. Amazing and pure magic. YAY!

  3. benny55 says:

    And Michelle said, “We dog people are just easier to get a long with and I am very comfortable with meeting up with them.”

    Well said and so true! Friendships are instant and built on like values and an understanding of this journey like no others could!

    I tell ya’ what…I need sunglasses to shield me from the bright glow you two light beams put forth! LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! And hubby all comfy in his chair…awww!

    Okay…more details!! So how did you make this hallen?? How close do you live to each other? Did you bring Bosch, Snickers and Jazz with you? Nah…guess that would have been a little much!!

    I know this was a very, very special time among some very special and beautiful souls!

    Trouble and Sassy are so proud!!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too

  4. mom2shelby says:

    Oh I am sooooo jealous!!!! I agree… .dog people are simply better! I am much more comfortable and at ease around people I’ve met on this site (well not face to face …yet!). I know I would never be at loss of things to talk about!

    Great photos!!! So glad this happened and that the spirits of Sassy and Trouble brought you together!

  5. BartsMom says:

    That is tooo awesome!! I have to say that one of my favorite events was getting to meet Rene, Jim & Wyatt!!! There is a special bond we all share – I can feel in when I read posts and getting to meet in person is just so extra special!!

    Love the photos!! Yes, you guys need to take a cross-country journey! So many Tripawd family members need to meet you guys!!

    Love to you all!!
    Darcy and Angel Barty

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