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The most awesome friends here

Today I got a phone call that they were trying to deliver flowers for me.  I kept thinking who would send me flowers?  Well, Shari, Dakota’s mom sent them to me.  I was totally shocked and very thankful. I have met some amazing people on this journey and she is one of them.

Sassy because of you we have met some awesome friends and I am so thankful for that.  DSC_0971 DSC_0972 DSC_0973



9 Responses to “The most awesome friends here”

  1.   bcullom Says:

    Those flowers are beautiful……you touch many lives here, are always there for so many, and a friend to all…..The picture of Sassy is so very sweet….she looks like she was a big, lovable huggy-bear.

    Bonnie & Angel Polly

  2.   mom2shelby Says:


    I hate the reason we have all become friends but I love all my new friends all over the country … The friendships formed fill some of the void left behind by our fur-babies.

    We are always here for you … sending love this week. Extra love and hugs!

    Alison & the Spirit of Shelby fur-ever in her heart

  3.   admin Says:


  4.   jerry Says:

    The connections that are made here are just so beautiful, just like these flowers. What a very special friendship!

  5.   benny55 Says:

    Yeah, ditto everybody who said it all n so well.

    You and Sassy are soooo loved Michelle! Doesn’t that feel good? Do you feel like you are being wrapped up in a blanket of loving hugs?

    Well, you should, because weall love you and value al l that you do for each of us in so many ways. You are a very compassionate and caring soul.

    And your flowers are absolutely beautiful!! So colorful and bright. And Sassy looks like she’s looking up at them and is mesmerized by their beauty too!

    I know this whole month is rough for you…the last several days snd the upcoming couple of days. We are ALL here for you. We all love you. We all understand.

    Always surrounding you with love and Sassy’s eternal protective love.

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  6.   benny55 Says:

    Just want to add what a sweetheart that Shari is!!! Another example of a compassionate soul who adds so.much lpve and wisdom…and humor, to the site!

  7.   4myty Says:

    The flowers are so pretty. What a thoughtful gesture Shari. Michelle, this place would not be the same without you and Sassy. I agree, the friends I have made here have helped me so much. They understand, support and listen like no others. Thinking of you this week! Love from, Lori and Ty

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