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Well baby girl its been a year since your last birthday on earth.  I sure do miss you a whole bunch.  I knew this day would be a little tough and yeah it has been.  I have been hiding my tears off & on all day from everyone.  I really really miss you and wish I was celebrating this day with steaks here for you.  But instead you are having a grand party with all of your new friends on the Bridge.  I hope everyone up there is doing well and tell them their pawrents sure do miss them just like I miss you.


So today in your honor I had a small ice cream on my own when I went shopping.  But tonight I will get Bosch, Snickers & Jasmine some ice cream so they can celebrate you.  I know you loved Dairy Queen so that is what it will be.  Soft serve for them.    I am looking at your smiling face and sure do miss it.  One day we will be back together and then watch out huh lol.


Bosch had his follow up vet visit for his eye.  Thank goodness no surgery just have to keep an eye on it so if it starts causing problems then we probably will have to go ahead with the surgery.  Dr Boyer misses you and all the people at the clinic too.  They have your picture hanging in the lobby.  I look at it every time I go in there.


I miss you & love you Sassy Sugar Bear.  Happy 8th Birthday.








bellevue animal hosp




2 Responses to “Happy 8th Birthday Sassy”

  1. mom2shelby says:

    Happy Birthday Sassy! I am sure Shelby is celebrating with you. She LOVED a good party … that much I do know! So she’s probably chasing you around and being overall annoying! 🙂

    Hugs to you, Michelle! I’ll share some ice-cream w/Miss Jasper tonight to celebrate our beautiful Sassy! We all love a good party!
    Alison & her Shelby fur-ever in her heart (and little Jasper Lily too)

  2. benny55 says:

    WOW! I love that the vet has her picture in the lobby Mochelle! What a tribute to Sassy AND to you! You both were clearly adored.

    Which picture is it?

    These photos you posted here and on the forum are just wonderful. The first one here…her fur looks like midnight blue/ black velvet and her mug is sooooooo ssweet…just so gentle. You know I’m prettydarn good at catching a “repeat” picture of Sassy, but I don’t think.we’ve seen this one before!

    I always love her pictures…so.pretty…so happy and the shiniest fur in the land! And happiest smile too!

    I know you miss her so terribly. I also know her heart beats inside yours and you will always be together!

    Going to eat a fudgsicle now in Sassys’s honor! Yeah, Merry Myrtle gets a bite too!

    Love and hugs to you my friend..

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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