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This has been the longest 9 months.  Today is going to be a day for crying I guess because as I write this I already am.  Boy, it does get easier but big days like these make me really miss her more.  I know she is looking down on me saying “mom, stop crying. I am happy and healthy here.”  So I am trying.

I sure wish she was here sitting on my bed as I worked.  That always was her spot.

So much has changed in 9 months.  Many of our friends who started on this journey around the same time some have crossed the bridge, some are still with us, many new people here.  For those of you who didn’t know Sassy she was a super great dog.  When we started our journey she was 6 years old.  She had OSA in her right rear leg and had her amputation Nov 14, 2012.  We did 4 rounds of Carboplatin and somewhere between the 4th & 5th chemo she developed lung mets.  So she never got to complete the 5th round.  We started metronomics and she survived 7 3/4 months longer we almost made 10 months.  She was about a week shy.  So she got to celebrate her 7th birthday with me in July before going to the Bridge on Aug 20,2014.  You can read about the rest of our journey here on our blog.


My Beautiful girl

My Beautiful girl





I also want to wish Brendol Happy 9 month Angelversary.




4 Responses to “Nine Long Months Happy Angelverary”

  1. mom2shelby says:

    ((((( hugs))))) sending you lots of hugs … these kind of anniversaries are the hardest. Thank you for continuing to share Sassy’s story! She was beautiful.

    Alison & her Shelby

  2. labsrus says:

    So sorry she’s gone. Time is supposed to heal us I’m told. I remember your beautiful Sassy very well. Our Hunter lost the same leg to OS. Damn Cancer! It’s takes our best people AND dogs.

    We are coming up on a year of missing our Super Dog Angel Hunter and we think of him each and every day, as I’m sure you think of your sweet Sassy each and every day. May your memories of her never, ever fade.

    Love from our pack to yours,

  3. benny55 says:

    Yes, I have the privilege of traveling this jour ey with Sassy and Michelle…..and Brendol and Karma too……and what an hoor it is!

    As Julie, Karma and Alison know, as well as waaay to many others, we are all here for each other through the great times and through the gut wrenching sad times.

    Sassy’s legacy will always be carried on here through Michelle. Because she is compassionate enough to stay on this site and continue to help others we will always still be able to celebrate Sassy’s victories…and yes, continue to cry with Michelle during the sad memories.

    Sassy Sugar Bear lit up the Niverse with her bright smile!! REALLY! That dog SMILED!! Truly one of the happiest, most loved pup on tne planet!! And she knew it too!

    Michelle, that first picture almost looks like an oil painting…it’s lovely…really is.
    Karma, I hope you’ll post for Brendol so the newbies can get to knowmher…er joyful zest for life…and BUBBLES!!! It may be too hard to do, I derstand. Just know I’m thinking of you and semding yo a cyber-space hug.

    Michelle, one of the many facets of Sassy’s legacy will always be how she lived life to the fullest, and also the courageous battle she fought..and won! She blew statistics about longevity once mets are in the lungs right out of the water!! Sassy will always be a beacon ofmhope and nspiration! I know she has been for myself and HapHannah and sooo many others!! Powerful legacy that girl has…yes indeedy!!

    Think of you and Sassy all the time Michelle…but especially today. You know I…we all…cry with you.

    Wrapping you in a great big Sassy snuggle and sloppy wet kiss!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. mynia says:

    Awe, so sorry for your loss. I just joined this site and I think I talked to you on chat last night. Losing a friend is never easy. I had a lab for 10 years that I lost in a divorce and when she died three years later, I mourned that I also hadn’t seen her in so long and then never would again. So as others have said, we feel your pain and cry with you. She looks like she was an amazing dog with a great human!

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