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Wow seems like yesterday that you were here.  I miss you a bunch.  I am sure you are having a great time with all the other dogs & kitties up there on the bridge.  I sure hope you & Brendol are hanging out together today on this angelversary as mom is thinking about you a lot today.  I miss that wonderful beautiful smile of yours, your snuggles.  As I look back this time last year we were celebrating your one month ampuversary and how well you are doing.   A bitter sweet feeling and bitter sweet that you aren’t here.

I know you sent Snickers & Jazz to be with me and I am grateful but its days like this where I really wish you were here.  I wish I had a beautiful poem for you but I don’t I just write from my heart.  Thank you for being you and giving me as much time as I had with you.  Please great Hank as he crossed over too.





8 Responses to “Happy 4 Month Angelversary Sassy”

  1. Karma says:

    I hope you were able to spend some loving time with Bosch, Snickerdoodles and Jaz in Sassy’s honor. She would want you all to be sharing your love for each other as you and Sassy did. My day was a bit cruddy, so I don’t think I’m up to posting something for my baby B. But I love her dearly and miss her daily.

    Karma, crazy Addy and the crew and our sweet angel Brendol

  2. fetchon3 says:

    We miss Sassy so much! The 20th of any month will always be special, a little teary, and a lot thankful. She’s an excellent Angel and we’re so happy she’s up there watching us all. HUGS
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  3. jerry says:

    Ohhh Sassy,how we sure miss you too. It’s been a long four months and I know that your Momma’s heart still hurts a lot. I know you’re sending her lots of signs though that will ease the pain over time. We sure feel your presence here.

  4. benny55 says:

    Michelle, when you write from your heart like that, it is poetry. You always express your love for Sassy and your feelings just beautifully..

    And I do believe that is a picture I have not seen before….And you know I’m pretty good at picking out a duplicte!! Nice, nicer hapy picture of your pretty gitl.

    Thank for for allowing us to share this day with you. We miss her too.


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. snoop says:

    Michele such beautiful words for your dear girl.
    Sassy you are missed but we all know your watching over your
    Mom and the new babies and Bosch.

    Esther and her Snoop

  6. fourminipups says:

    Beautiful Sassy – that smile always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your remembrance.

    Take care-
    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  7. trituck says:

    What a beautiful girl Sassy was….and still is now as Angel Sassy.

    Linda and Tucker

  8. princess says:

    That’s a beautiful photo of Sassy.
    I remember 4 months. It still hurt too much.
    Sassy would be happy to see you giving Snickers and Jazz the love that you gave her (and still give her).

    Many hugs.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

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